Top 10 Corporate Yoga Marketing Tips 

Tip 1
Ask Your Friends

Ask every single one of your friends if they can recommend to their HR manager or boss to run workplace yoga classes.

These days many large corporations support on-site wellness programs because of all the benefits it brings such as: less turnover, happier employees, more efficient employees and fitter employees.

Tip 2
The Big Cheese

During your “Workplace Yoga Presentation” to the Big Cheese make sure you throw in a few statistics, after all this is a workplace and workplaces just love their stats.

For example…

“In 2010, in the USA being absent from the job (absenteeism) or underperforming while working (presenteeism) caused productivity losses worth US$ 8.5 trillion due to mental ill-health and US$ 8.3 trillion due to cardiovascular disease. These numbers are expected to double by 2030.” ~ source

Tip 3 
Benefits. Benefits. Benefits 

When you give your Workplace Yoga Presentation to the Big Cheese, you’ll want to give him/her a whole heap of juicy benefits the workplace will gain from implementing an ongoing workplace yoga program.

Here’s a list to get you started..


A “workplace yoga program” increases alpha brain waves.  A study conducted by Eric Hoffman, Ph.D. that measured brain waves before and after a two-hour Kriya Yoga class found that alpha waves (relaxation) and theta waves (unconscious memory, dreams, emotions) increased by 40 percent. This means the brain is more deeply relaxed after yoga and the subjects have better contact with their subconscious and emotions. The Scandinavian study is significant for office workers because after the yoga session, alpha waves increased in the right temporal lobe.  That means more creativity and better ability to problem solve.


A “workplace yoga program” trains people in the fine art of single-pointedness, thereby boosting mental concentration and focus.


A “workplace yoga program”  transforms apathy and anxiety by oxygenating the brain and increasing the level of endorphins in the bloodstream.  Happier employees are more productive and will stay with your company for longer.  Happier employees always leads to increased staff retention and less absenteeism.

Low Cost Investment

A “workplace yoga program” is a low cost investment compared to other larger workplace wellness initiatives.

Team Player

A “workplace yoga program” is an effective way to build better communication and trust between members of a team.

Tip 4
Create A Questionnaire

Create a questionnaire that you can take with you when speaking with Big Cheeses (e.g. HR managers).   This shows you’re a professional.

Tip 5
Local Paper

Read your local papers for articles about progressive work places in your area.

Newspapers love stories of employers who have created a Google like supportive and fun work environment. Call the employer to offer your workplace yoga, or if you can, find someone who works there and ask them to recommend your services.

Tip 6
Ongoing. Unceasing. Perpetual. 

This is the hidden mega tip.

If you only implement this one tip, you’ll figure the rest out as you go.  Make sure your “workplace yoga program” is ongoing.   Other words I could have used include: “ongoing”, “never-ending”, “unceasing”, “perpetual” and “constant”.

I hope your conscienceless brain has soaked in those words and you won’t under any circumstances offer a wishy washy 6 week program.  Wishy washy 6 week workplace yoga programs are for yoga wimps, the kind that get sand kicked in their faces, but you’re no yogic wimp, because your constant and never-ending yoga practice over the years has opened your mind to set up constant and never-ending workshop yoga programs.

So, when you speak with the Big Cheese (e.g. the HR Manager), make sure that your “ongoing” workplace yoga program is by far the most popular.  Instead of giving it a time limit (e.g. 6 weeks), sell the program as an ongoing one.

Tip 7
Make Marvellous Modules

If you want to give your marketing a boast, do yourself a favour and create up a bunch of workplace modules.

Modules will make you look amazingly professional. Modules will take the pressure off when the time comes to teach your “workplace yoga program”. Modules give you a proven system to work with. Modules remove guess work.  Modules remove work (no reinventing the wheel). Modules remove stress. With modules you engulf yourself in total calm…knowing 100% that you’re a true professional because you’re 100% prepared.

Don’t worry. Creating modules isn’t rocket science. It’s easy peasy lemon squeasy.

If one of your modules is “relaxation at the desk“, then this may be what happens…

You’re reading a yoga book and come across a great relaxation technique that you can incorporate (forgive the pun) into your corporate yoga relaxation module. So, you open up your laptop, then open up your Evernote and write down the relaxation exercise within your “Relaxation Module” note.  If you’re not using Evernote, I highly recommend it because it’s a brilliant way to keep organised. And it’s free!

You can be as creative as you like when coming up with modules.  I’m sensing it’s time for another example…

When you’re chatting with the Big Cheese of “Mega Important Company Inc” and you discover through your cunning questions that employees of “Mega Important Company Inc” suffer from repetitive strain injury because they keep hitting their bosses (or because they tap, tap, tap on their computers for 8 hours a day).  You could tell the Big Cheese that you have a “Repetitive Strain Injury Module” that could save the lives, or at the very least the hands, of his or her beloved employees.

If you don’t have a “Repetitive Strain Injury Module”, just say you’re currently working on the “Repetitive Strain Injury Module”…then lock yourself away for a few hours and create the Repetitive Strain Injury Module”.   

Tip 8
Yoga Mat Wholesaler 

Find out approximately how many employees will be coming.

If you don’t have enough mats, build a relationship with a yoga wholesaler (ask for a special discount) and purchase them in bulk. I often get mats at less than half price when ordering in bulk.

Tip 9
Good Health = Productive

When you speak with the Big Cheese (e.g. the HR Manager) make sure you say something like: “An employee in good health is more productive than one in poor health.”

Tip 10
Practice. Practice. Practice. 

Don’t be an amateur and just wing your “Workplace Yoga Presentation” to the Big Cheese (e.g. the HR Manager).

If you want to work in an office environment, you must play by their rules and the number one rule is look and act professional. Practice your presentation in front of the mirror and with friends who will give you honest feedback.

Bonus Tips

Bonus Tip 1
Company Incentive Plan

Put something like this on your website as a benefit to the employer…

Your company can pay a portion or percentage of the class fee to us or to the employee directly to assist in the cost of a wellness program.  Cost for the company incentive plan is £8 per participant based on an 8 student minimum. We offer 4, 8, 12 and ongoing sessions with classes once a week.

Bonus Tip 2
Off Site Plan

Put something like this on your website as a benefit to the employer…

If you do not have a facility to accommodate a workplace yoga program and would like to provide this benefit to your employees, we hold several 90-minute classes each week, in and around the [Your Geographic Location Here]. We can offer your employees a company discount based on the number of attendees.

Bonus Tip 3
Yoga Teacher Business Kit

If you like these corporate yoga marketing tips, take a quick peek at the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

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