How To Use Coupons To Attract More Students To Your Yoga Classes

Yoga coupon templates are included within the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

5 Reason To Use Coupons

Reason 1
Promotional Tool

Coupons have proven themselves to be a highly effective promotional tool to attract more students to yoga classes.  Advertising Age (the Bible of the advertising industry) reports that 87% of shoppers use coupons. Coupons are especially good when the economy is struggling.

Reason 2
Cast The Net Wide

Coupons attract students that wouldn’t ordinarily be interested in coming to a yoga class.

Reason 3
Re-active Students

Coupons help re-activate students who haven’t come to class for 6 months or longer.

Reason 4
One Student = £2,800

When you work out what one student is worth financially to you, the appeal of the “coupon strategy” becomes immediately apparent.  Here’s the math.  If each student pays £7 a class and you have 40 classes a year, you make £280 (£7 x 40 class = £280).  That means “one student” is worth £280 a year to your yoga business.  So, even if you only get one student from your coupon offer, it’s potentially a very profitable result, especially if that student stays with you for 10 years (10 x £280 = £2,800).

Reason 5
Coupons Are measurable

Offering coupons is the most measurable form of promotion.  All you have to do is count the number of coupons redeemed to see the profitability of the offer.


The short video below shows how to use “Christmas Yoga Class Coupons” to attract more students to your yoga classes. You’ll also learn how to use the coupons to double your class size.