How To Design A Yoga Flyer That Gets Noticed

Here’s a quick yoga marketing tip from the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

Design An Attractive Yoga Flyer For Your Classes or Retreat

One of the best yoga teacher marketing tools of all time is a yoga flyer.  Putting up yoga flers is cheap and proven tactic for doubling students to your classes.   Yes, you heard right.   Doubling!   But creating a bold, eye-catching yoga flyer isn’t as easy as it looks.  In fact, 95% of yoga teachers get it wrong.

Putting up yoga flyers within a 15 miles radius of your yoga classes.


60 minutes

Step 1
Understand the reasons to put up yoga flyers

Before becoming a full time yoga teacher I was a marketing consultant.   There are a lot of fancy marketing tactics that I could focus my attention on such as:  setting up facebook business , exchanging links, optimising my website, but none of these marketing tactics come close to the amazing power of a well designed flyer placed where lots of your prospects hang out.

If you’d like to double the students that are coming to your yoga classes here are my: “Top 10 Tips to Design a Yoga Flyer that will Double your Yoga Class Size”….

  1. Write a short, bold headline such as ‘Yoga’ or ‘Yoga Classes’
  2. Add some colour to your headline (red is best)
  3. Add one or two eye-catching yoga images
  4. Write ‘ First class is FREE’
  5. Write ‘Call (your tel #) to book your place’ in large, bold font
  6. Write ‘Beginners are Welcome’
  7. Write ‘Mats are Provided’
  8. Write the name and address of your yoga venue
  9. Write a short tag line (e.g. Ageless Body – Timeless Mind)
  10. Write your name, website, email, tel # at the bottom on the flyer

Think your done, right.

Not quit.  Designing the flyer is only the start.

Step 2
To Double your Class Size Follow These 10 Tips

  1. Print out 100 copies (yes, 100!  Not 1 or 2.  Print 100 of  them)
  2. Find a folder to put them in
  3. Buy some blue tac, pins and cello-tape
  4. Get yourself a bag to put it all in
  5. Now take your bag and yourself to your car
  6. Drive to your nearest town and park up
  7. Go into every business and say:  “Hi, I’m a local yoga teacher. Could I be cheeky and ask you to put up my flyer?”
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until all 100 flyers are gone
  9. Celebrate!  (e.g. go for a nice walk or soak in a hot bubble bath)
  10. In 6 months time repeat steps 1 to 9

If you liked these tips, but don’t have time to design your own yoga flyer, you’ll get dozens of them within the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.