Yoga Teacher Marketing Tip
Partner With A Chiropractor

Yoga Teacher Marketing Tips

Here’s a quick yoga marketing tip from the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

Yoga Marketing Strategy:  Partner with local Chiropractors

Why spend all your time, effort and expense to attract new clients from the outside market when there is a much easier and less expensive way to do it.  You can get other people, companies, publications, and organisations to get new clients for you.  And they can do it faster, more efficiently, and for a fraction of the cost you’d spend doing it yourself.

Time:  5 minutes

Difficulty:  1/10

Action Steps

  • Go to Google and search for ‘alternative health practitioners’ in your local area.  You’ll soon find a list of Chiropractors.
  • Create a list of them (either in a notepad or on your computer).  Include their names, telephone number and email address.
  • Send an email letting them know about your yoga classes.  Say that the yoga class may be beneficial to their clients.
  • If you have a website add him/her to your links page and tell them you’ve added them to your links page in the email you send.   Ask them if they could add your website to their links page.
  • I also recommend calling him/her on the phone which helps build a real relationship…not just a virtual one.