Yoga Marketing Tips
Turn Old Yoga Magazines Into Yoga Class Adverts

Here’s a quick yoga marketing tip from the Yoga Teacher Business Kit.

The Yoga Marketing Tactic

I’m a member of my local gym/spa and after my swim today was sitting down waiting for my partner.   Being easily bored (I’m an Aries after all), I picked up one of the glossy magazines and after reading the particulars of the fifth £1,000,000+ property for sale, I was getting a wee bit desperate for a magazine that a non millionaire could comfortably read without feeling utterly inadequate for living in a tiny house in the middle of Wales.  Though, much to my horror, all the magazines catered to millionaires (we must have a lot of them around here in rural Wales).

Then, the  idea came to me…

I’m gonna supply my local gym/spa with a couple of yoga magazines with an advert for my local yoga class on the front cover.

It was one of those “why the heck didn’t I think about this years ago” moments.

Video Of The Yoga Marketing Tactic

Steps outlined in the video

  • Get a bunch of yoga magazines
  • Create an A5 yoga flyer  for your yoga class
  • Tape it to the front of the yoga magazine
  • Deliver one magazine to every hair salon in a 15 mile radius of your yoga class
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