Hire a yoga teacher

If you have a Private Group or host a retreat and are looking for a yoga teacher to run yoga classes, call George on 02921 257770.


Ideal for groups of 10 or more. 

This has proved to be popular with retreat centres and holiday parties in Mid Wales.  I can come out to you with yoga mats and set up a yoga class for you.  I am willing to travel anywhere in the UK, Europe and, who knows, one day someone is going to ask me to come and teach yoga in the Bahamas.

Hire a yoga teacher

“What benefits can you offer my event?”

Personalised Yoga Folder
Each delegate will receive a personalised yoga folder which will enable them to practice yoga at home when they return from your event. 

Themed Yoga
Themed yoga to blend in perfectly with your event. (e.g. couples, golf, business, team leadership).

One To One Yoga Sessions 
During your event, delegates are able to receive personal one to one yoga sessions suitable for their specific needs (e.g. postures to help sciatia, back pain, pregnancy, headaches, insomnia, etc).  


What are the costs? 

One 90 Minute Yoga Session


Full Day Of Yoga
Includes several yoga classes

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