Golf Zen Chair Yoga Card Deck: 52 Cards For Peak Performance


Golf Zen Chair Yoga Card Deck: 52 Chair Yoga Cards For Golfers. Printable Chair Yoga Cards. Digital Download (PDF, JPG and PNG Formats). Ideal Gift For Avid Golfers. A4, A5, and A6 sizes. Download. Print. Play.

Created by George Watts, a BWY Yoga teacher, artist, golf pro, and creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner.

£25 is approximately $30 US dollars.


52 Cards.
5 pre-made chair yoga sequences.
Instructions on how to use the cards.
Organised by colour, category (number) and chakra.
Digital download.
Digital file type: JPG, PNG and PDF.
A4, A5, A6 Sizes.
Bonus I: Chair yoga lesson plan bundle
Bonus II: 30-day challenges bundle

Golf Zen: 52 Chair Yoga For Golfers Cards

Golf Zen Chair Yoga Card Deck

Introducing Golf Zen: Chair Yoga For Golfers Card Deck – Your Gateway To Peak Performance On The Golf Course From The Comfort Of Your Chair. Created by George Watts, a Yoga Teacher And Pro Golfer, These Downloadable Cards Are Your Perfect Golf Companion, Whether At Home Or In The Office.

Chair Yoga Cards By George

Greetings and Namaste!

George WattsI’m George Watts (that’s me over there in doodle form), a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, pro golfer, and creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. I’ve been teaching yoga since 2010 and have taught hundreds of chair yoga classes.

I am passionate about chair yoga because it is accessible to everyone, even golfers!

When teaching chair yoga to golfers, I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm when introducing my Golf Zen Chair Yoga Cards. They instantly realised that they now had a simple system for improving their golf without being on the golf course.

I created the cards for my chair yoga for golfers’ one-to-one sessions, but I have decided to make them available to everyone who loves the game of golf.

They were a labour of love. I hope you enjoy them! 


20 Zen Reasons To Get My Golf Zen Cards


Reason 1.
Enhance Flexibility

Zen Golf cards offer yoga poses explicitly tailored for golfers, helping improve flexibility crucial for a fluid swing.

Reason 2.
Boost Strength

The golf-targeted exercises on the cards build core and muscle strength, providing power and stability during swings.

Reason 3.
A Comprehensive Guide

Each card includes detailed cues, pose benefits, and instructions.

Reason 4.
Categorised for Convenience

They are organised by category, colour, and chakra for easy selection and sequencing.

Reason 5.
Engaging & Educational

You can learn to create sequences or follow our suggested ones.

Reason 6.
Improve Balance

The “balance” cards aid in maintaining stability throughout the swing.

Reason 7.
Multiple Printing Options

You can print them out in multiple sizes (A4, A5, or A6). I recommend using the A6 size to fit four cards on one A4 sheet.

Reason 8.
Seven Yoga Categories

The cards cover warm-ups, side bends, twists, back bends, forward bends, balance poses, and pranayama. I’ve snuck in seven cards to explain why each category is essential for improving your golf swing. 

Reason 9.
Flexibility In Practice

Whether you have just a minute or an extended break, choose cards that fit your schedule.

Reason 10.
Zen Zone

Each card has a chakra that it activates (chakra symbol on the top right of the card), so you can enhance your spiritual journey with poses targeting all seven chakras. I’ve snuck in seven cards to explain how activating chakras (Zen Zone) can improve your golf. 

Reason 11.
Printable & Portable

Download in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats. Print in various sizes for convenience. 

Reason 12.
Disconnect to Reconnect

Free yourself from digital distractions. Immerse yourself in the serenity and beauty of the present moment.

Reason 13.
Reduce Injury Risk

Regular practice with Zen Golf cards helps prevent common golfing injuries by promoting proper body mechanics and alignment.

Reason 14.
Enhance Focus

Yoga and mindfulness techniques in the cards sharpen mental focus and concentration, which are crucial for accurate shots.

Reason 15.
Elevate Relaxation

Zen Golf cards include breathing exercises to promote relaxation and reduce tension, leading to smoother swings.

Reason 16.
Increase Range of Motion

The cards target key muscle groups, increasing the range of motion and facilitating a fuller and more efficient swing.

Reason 17.
Improve Posture

Correcting posture through yoga poses on the cards enhances alignment, reducing strain on the body and promoting better swing mechanics.

Reason 18.
Enhance Mind-Body Connection

Practising with Zen Golf cards strengthens the connection between mind and body, leading to more coordinated and controlled movements on the course.

Reason 19.
Foster Confidence

Consistent use of the cards builds confidence in golfers by improving physical fitness and mental clarity, leading to a more assured performance on the course.

Reason 20.
Expert Guidance

Developed by George Watts, a seasoned yoga teacher and pro golfer, Zen Golf cards offer expert guidance tailored specifically for golfers, ensuring effective and beneficial practice sessions.


Chair Yoga Card Layout


Chakra Chair Yoga Card Layout

Chair Yoga Card Layout


Each card has the following eight features:

  1. Organised by chakra
  2. Numbered (by category) for easy learning
  3. Organised by colour (card border)
  4. Anatomically correct illustrations
  5. Cues for each pose
  6. Benefits of the pose
  7. Easy-to-follow instructions for the pose
  8. Affirmation related to the main benefit



7 Card Categories In The Deck


Chair Yoga Card Categories

7 Chair Yoga Card Categories



The seven card categories are:

  1. Red (warm-ups)
  2. Orange (side bends)
  3. Yellow (twists)
  4. Green (backbends)
  5. Blue (forward bends)
  6. Brown (balance poses)
  7. Pink (pranayama)


52 Chair Yoga Exercises Included In The Deck


Below are the names of the 52 chair yoga exercises in the deck:

Chair Yoga Card Categories

Chair Yoga Card Categories


How To Create A Sequence With The Chair Yoga Cards


Organise the cards into piles according to colour/number. You will now have one pile each of red (1), orange (2), yellow (3), green (4), blue (5), brown (6), and pink (7).

Select one card from each pile of numbered cards and put those in a row according to numerical order: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Make the sequence flow nicely from one pose into the next. If, for example, the blue card (5) doesn’t flow, pick another card from the blue pile.

You can be flexible with the cards. If you only have one minute spare, pick one card. If you have four minutes spare, pick four cards. If you have seven minutes spare, pick all seven cards. Aim to practice each pose in the sequence for one to five minutes. You can also organise the cards by chakra.

I recommend you stick with the same sequence for seven days because your body responds well to repetition.


Chakra Explainer Cards Included In The Deck


7 Chakra Explainer Cards

7 Chakra Explainer Cards


You can also organise the cards by chakra—a chakra symbol is at the top right of each card. This helps get you into the Zen Zone! 

I’ve included seven eye-catching “Chakra Explainer Cards” with the 52-card deck, one for each chakra. The “Root Chakra Explainer Card” is shown above. Think of them as a crash course on chakras for golfers. 

Each Chakra explainer card includes the following:

  • Overview of the chakra
  • Several yoga poses & breathing exercises that help activate the chakra
  • Zen affirmation to help activate the chakra


5 Pre-made Sequences Included In The Deck


Chair Yoga Sequences

5 Chair Yoga Sequences


As a bonus, I’ve added five chair yoga sequence cards. These cards were snuck into the deck to show you how easy it is to create a sequence with the cards. 


Explore Chair Yoga Cards on Your iPad/Tablet


Explore Chair Yoga Cards on Your iPad/Tablet

Explore Chair Yoga Cards on Your iPad/Tablet


You can unlock the versatility of my cards by accessing the PDF on your iPad or Tablet. Seamlessly integrate them into your digital routine – download the PDF, take a seat and effortlessly swipe through each card for a convenient and accessible Chair Yoga experience.


How To Print The Cards” Video Tutorial


Maybe it’s just me, but my printer is a wild beast with a mind of its own.

So, if you’re as wary of your printer as I am of mine, you’ll receive a short, 4-minute video tutorial on how to print the cards using your printer. I also show you how to get your local printer to print them.

I suggest printing four cards per page, which means you’ll only need to print 17 pages (so it will be cheap to print). But heck, if you prefer larger cards, go wild and opt for the two cards per page!


The Deck Is A Thoughtful Gift


The Zen Golf Cards Make A Thoughtful Gift

The Zen Golf Cards Make A Thoughtful Gift


Are you looking for the perfect gift for an avid golfer? Then get your hands on Golf Zen: Chair Yoga For Golfers Card Deck.


Bonus Bliss: Unlock Your Potential with Six 30-Day Chair Yoga Challenges


30 Day Chair Yoga Challenges

30 Day Chair Yoga Challenges Bundle


Enhance your chair yoga practice with an inspiring collection of challenges (as a PDF), including Balance Challenge I, Balance Challenge II, Forward Fold Challenge, Back Bend Challenge, and the Gentle Warm Up Challenge. Each 30-day challenge takes you on a journey to discover new dimensions of strength, flexibility, and inner balance. 


What You’ll Receive


You’ll receive:

  1. A link to download high-quality, printable versions of the 52 cards as JPGs
  2. A link to download high-quality, printable versions of the 52 cards as PNGs
  3. A link to download a high-quality, printable version of the 52 cards as a PDF
  4. A link to download a high-quality PDF of the 30-day chair yoga challenges
  5. A guide on how to use the cards for effective chair yoga sequencing
  6. A 4-minute video showing how to print at home (or use a local printer)
  7. Five cards with ready-made chair yoga sequences
  8. Seven Chakra explainer cards


Digital Download 



No physical product will be mailed to you. After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an email from with a link to your downloadable, high-quality PDF file.

You’ll also receive instructions on downloading the cards in JPG and PNG formats. It could take a few minutes to show up in your inbox. If it does not arrive within a few minutes, check your spam or junk folders.




You can print the digital cards from your home printer or send them to a local or online printer. 


Please Note


The PDF, JPG, and PNG files will be immediately available to download via links sent to your email address.


Terms Of Use


The files are for personal use only. They cannot be used commercially, resold or redistributed. 




Is this an instant download?

Yes. You can download the cards as PDF, JPG and PNG files to your device. 

Where can I find my digital purchases in my account?

To access your digital files from your account:

You’ll be directed to and the “Your Account” page. Next to the order, select Download Files. No limits exist on when or how many times you can download a file. You can access your files anytime on the “Your Account” page.

Who created the cards? 

George Watts is a BWY yoga teacher, artist, pro golfer, and Online Yoga Lesson Planner creator.  I’ve also spent 10+ years writing yoga blog posts on this site. 

What size are the cards

You can print these out in multiple sizes (A4, A5, or A6). I recommend using the A6 size to fit four cards on one A4 sheet.


“Hey George, I love your Golf Zen: Chair Yoga For Golfers Card Deck and can’t wait to download, print, and enjoy learning from them.”


George Watts
BWY Yoga Teacher, Artist, Pro Golfer
Creator of the
Online Yoga Lesson Planner

P.S. If you have questions about my chair yoga cards, please email or call me on 02921 257770.

P.P.S. You deserve a bonus because you’ve made it to the end of this page. So, I will give you my Yoga For Golfers Lesson Plan Bundle valued at £29.  

P.P.P.S. If you like my Golf Zen Cards, you might like my companion deck. The Blissful Breathing Card Deck combines 41 calming and energising breathing technique cards (to get you even more in the Zen zone).