Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle


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The Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle (also known as the Yoga For Runners Workshop Kit) includes: 7 editable yoga for runners lesson plans, 15 editable yoga for runners class handouts, yoga for runners promo flyer template collection, yoga for runners workshop schedule, yoga for runners workshop flyer/registration template,16 step yoga for runners workshop marketing plan, and yoga for runners workshop web page – text and graphics to use on your own website.

Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle

If You’re Running (forgive the pun) A Yoga Workshop Or A 6 Week Yoga Course For Runners, Or Are Giving One To One Yoga Sessions For Runners, You’ll Love My Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle.

Hi, my name is George Watts.

I’m a full time BWY yoga teacher and avid runner. The Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle has all the resources I use to host and promote my own yoga for runners workshops, classes and one to one sessions.

The Bundle Includes…

Yoga for runners workshop action plan

My proven formula for a successful workshop.

Yoga for runners workshop schedule

To keep you organised on the big day.

Yoga for runners lesson plans

Brand and give out to your students as handouts.

Yoga For Runners Flyer Templates

Eye-catching flyer templates in MS Word format.

Yoga for runners handouts

Several editable handouts for students.

Yoga For Runners class Registration Form

Look like a pro with this eye-catching form.

Yoga For Runners Website Sales Copy

Use the exact same text & images that I use.

“Yes George, I’d Like To Save Time And Effort Organising My Yoga For Runners Classes, Workshops & One To One Sessions. So, I'm Going To Get Your Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle. ”

Lifetime Money-back Guarantee
"If for any reason my Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle doesn't rock your yogic world, just drop me an email (even if it's years from now), and I'll give you a full, no-questions asked refund. This means you can use all the resources in the bundle with ZERO risk."
- George Watts

Om Shanti,

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George Watts
Creator of the Yoga For Runners Lesson Plan Bundle
BWY Yoga Teacher
02921 257770

P.S. I love chatting with my fellow yoga teachers. So, if you have any questions, please call me on 02921 257770, or email me at