Yoga For Golfers Lesson Plan Bundle


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The Yoga For Golfers Lesson Plan Bundle is a time saving resource created by George Watts, a yoga teacher/professional golfer. It includes: yoga for golfers lesson plans, yoga for golfers manual, yoga for golfers workshop registration form template, yoga for golfers workshop schedule, yoga for golfers promo flyer templates, yoga for golfers workshop sales page (for your own website), DIY golf hypnosis kit, play golf the Buddha Way audio & eBook, walking meditations handouts, and more.

Hi, I’m George. I’m a full-time BWY Yoga teacher, creator of the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner and a professional golfer. If you’re considering hosting yoga workshops, classes, or one-to-one sessions for golfers,  the Yoga For Golfers Lesson Plan Bundle was designed for you.

    “Looked through the Golf materials and love them! I’ve never played the game and I live in Palm Desert – with golf courses all around me. I teach yoga a two country clubs and this will be incredibly helpful to understanding what my students want and need.”

    ~ Carolyn Relei is a yoga teacher from Palm Desert, USA

    Carolyn Relei

    Yoga Teacher, Carolyn Relei Yoga

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