Chair Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle II


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Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher and creator of the Online Yoga Lesson Planner. I created the ten ‘chair yoga plans’ in this bundle for my yoga classes. It has everything you need for a chair yoga class, workshop, or one-to-one session.

Each lesson plan comes with a short, long and stream version. 

The short version is perfect for taking into class with you. It’s short and sweet.

The long version has everything you need to practice the lesson plan before getting to class. You can take it to class with you (but you may prefer to take the short version). The long version is a great handout to give to your students, especially your one-to-one students. It immediately shows your professionalism and increases your expertise in the eyes of your students.

The stream version is a video stream of the lesson plan.

The Chair Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle includes 10 chair yoga lesson plans that I’ve personally used for my chair yoga classes. 

Chair Yoga 3 Plans In 1
Chair Yoga Short Plan
Chair Yoga Long Plan
Chair Yoga Stream Plan
“I’m currently a BWY student in training to become a yoga teacher. One of our assignments is to create a 10 week course. I chose to base mine on PD and mobility disorders as my mum had recently been diagnosed with PD and I wanted to do something to help her. When I came across George’s website I was blown away.  It has so much fab data, lesson plans, flyers, Booking forms and on and on and on. I truly would recommend his yoga kits to anyone and it was so easy to order and obtain – sheer bliss…it was instant. I placed my order, paid for it and within 5 mins the Chair kit was available to me. I’m still going through all the lovely documents in the kit but what I have seen and read so far it has really helped me get my head round structuring the 10 Chair yoga classes. Thank you George for all your great work.”

~ Maria Georgiou is a BWY yoga teacher from London, UK

Maria Georgiou

BWY Yoga Teacher, Maria Georgiou Yoga