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Life Roles Wheel

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yoga off the mat

Yoga Off The Mat Tool
Life Roles Wheel

Do you feel overwhelmed?  Do you feel stretched by your life roles? Do you feel you need more clarity about the roles you play in life?   If so, this tool will help you clarify your life roles and give you peace of mind.

Step 1
Get your notepad out and title it:  ‘The Roles Of My Life’ and think about the roles in your life – Father, Employee, Brother, etc.

Step 2
Draw a large circle

Step 3
Divide the circles into segments – like a cake – where each area represents a role in your life.  The bigger the piece the more important it is

Step 4
When you have settled on the relative sizes that each piece should be, label and colour them.

Step 5
Look at what you’ve come up with.  Any surprises?  Did you allow any space for you?

Step 6
Draw another Roles Wheel the way you would like things to be

Step 7
Are there any differences with your first roles wheel and the second one showing how you would like things to be?