Star Wars Themed Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle

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The EPIC Star Wars Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle has everything you need for an EPIC yoga star wars adventure including: Yoga Lesson Plan, 50+ Star Wars Themed Poses (that you copy & paste into the lesson plan), Don’t Drop Yoda Game, How To Draw Yoga Star Wars Stick Figures, Activity Tracker, Attendance Sheet, Stormtrooper Bowling, Bunting Flags, Certificate Of Yogedi Training Completion, Dice Game, DIY Lightsaber Pool Noodles, DIY Lightsaber Glow Sticks, Folder Cover Template, Hula Hoop Forcefield Game, Keep Calm Invitation Cards, Pipe Cleaner Stick Figure Stories, Posters, Puppet Sticks Star Wars Game, Toilet Roll Star Wars Characters, Yogedi Robes (quick steps to create them) & Yogedi Colouring Sheets.


Epic Kids Yoga Star Wars Lesson Plan Bundle

Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher and creator of the Epic Kids Yoga Star Wars Lesson Plan Bundle. It’s taken me well over 100+ hours to morph it into reality. I promise your kids are going to love it.

You can use the bundle as teaching aids or to give to the kids and/or parents.

Bundle Includes

  • Pre-filled lesson plan
  • Pre-filled aims and objectives
  • 50+ Star Wars Themed Poses
  • Don’t Drop Yoda Game
  • How To Draw Yoga Star Wars Stick Figures
  • Activity Tracker
  • Attendance Sheet
  • Stormtrooper Bowling
  • Bunting Flags
  • Certificate Of Yogedi Training Completion
  • Dice Game
  • DIY Lightsaber Pool Noodles
  • DIY Lightsaber Glow Sticks
  • Folder Cover Template
  • Hula Hoop Forcefield Game
  • Keep Calm Invitation Cards
  • Pipe Cleaner Stick Figure Stories
  • Posters
  • Puppet Sticks Star Wars Game
  • Toilet Roll Star Wars Characters
  • Yogedi Robes (quick steps to create them)
  • Yogedi Colouring Sheets

Who Could Use This Bundle? 

  • Yoga teachers
  • School teachers
  • PE teachers
  • Mums & Dads
  • Grandmums & Granddads

Lesson Plan Overview 


Yogedi Younglings Training Academy: The Yogedi Training Academy teach Yogedi Younglings yoga, mindfulness, and meditation in a fun way! Younglings will learn the skills necessary to become Yogedi Knights.


Yogedi are Jedi who practice yoga in order to strengthen their Force powers. Yoda greets us and says: “I sense a disturbance in The Yogi-Force. Count Climate Change is an evil Dark Lord who is very close to destroying Planet Earth. Time is running out. You are our last hope. Train you must in the ways of Yoga. Let’s begin.


15 to 30 minutes


  • To give a 30 minute yoga class
  • Develop awareness of the Yogi-Force
  • Encourage imagination
  • Enhance social skills


  • Practice yoga poses for their Yogedi training
  • Practice a top secret Yogedi breathing exercise to calm the mind
  • Understand “Namaste” is a trigger to start a yoga adventure
  • Be able to listen to the teacher
  • Share the story/practice with their family and friends
  • Revise and modify the story using their imagination

Teaching Aids

There are many teaching aids to download to use as teaching aids and give out to your students. Your students will love them.


Do I need to be a kids yoga teacher?

No. The Bundle can be used in traditional yoga classes. But you don’t have to be a yoga teacher to use the bundle! There are no potentially dangerous poses to worry about. Let’s say you’re a PE (physical education) teacher at a primary school. You could use this bundle to spice up your warm up routine. And if you’re a parent (or grandparent) you can use this bundle to introduce your kids to yoga.

Are all the resources downloadable?

Yes. Within minutes of purchase you’ll receive an email with the downloadable links.

Who created the bundle?

A slightly crazy BWY yoga teacher by the name of George Watts created this bundle. You can find out more about George here.

Will I receive the bundle within minutes via email?

Yes. Within minutes of purchase you’ll receive an email with the downloadable links. There are no physical product to be sent via snail mail. That’s good for the environment, good for you (get the resources instantly) and good for moi (I don’t have to go to the post office). I think that’s called a “win, win, win”.

"Yes George, I'd love to get my hands on your EPIC Yoga Star Wars Lesson Plan Bundle."

One Time Only Payment
Instant Access
Mac & Windows Compatible
Includes all the bonuses

“Immediately after making payment you’ll have access to all the resources in the Epic Star Wars Kids Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle.”

Om Shanti,

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George Watts
BWY Yoga Teacher
02921 257770

P.S. I gave two talks at the 2017 BWY Congress (BWY is the Sport England recognised National Governing Body for Yoga). One of the talks was on yoga lesson planning (of course). And the other was on yoga marketing tactics proven to fill up your yoga classes. If you’d like me to give a talk at your yoga teacher event, please contact me.

P.P.S. I love chatting with my fellow yoga teachers. So, if you have any questions, please call me on 02921 257770, or email me at

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