Wide Seated Fold II Pose
Upavishta Konasana B

Please feel free to download the “Wide Seated Fold II Pose” (Upavishta Konasana B), and give it to your students as a handout. It’s just one of 200+ yoga class handouts in my Yoga Class Handouts Kit.

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Yoga Card Game Guide

My intention with these FREE downloadable yoga cards is to create a dynamic resource that can be used by yoga teachers as teaching aids, and for yoga students wanting a fun way to practice yoga at home.

Yoga Pose Card Features

(1) Each pose in the directory comes with an A4 downloadable yoga card. The cards can be used as a teaching aid, or as a fun handout to give to your students.

(2) Each card can be combined with any other card in the directory. That means there is a limitless amount of yoga practices you and your students can create with the cards.

(3) Yoga cards are a fun yoga practice planning tool for yoga teachers, yoga teacher trainees and students of yoga.

(4) Yoga cards will help to inspire your yoga students to practice their yoga daily at home, instead of only once a week at a yoga class. If a student of yours practices yoga daily, they are much more likely to come to your classes for several years. Cultivating a daily yoga practice within the minds of your students is great for them, and also means you don't have to spend loads of time on yoga marketing tactics to get more students to your classes.

(5) The yoga cards will have hundreds of beginner, intermediate and advanced poses, categorised, numbered, and colour-coded by the following types: ashtanga, bandhas, bolster yoga, chair yoga, inversions, kundalini, laughter, mantras, meditation, mudras, partner yoga, pawanmuktasana, pranayama, prone, relaxation, seated & floor, standing, strap yoga, supine.

(6) Each yoga card includes:

* Asana name (including Sanskrit name)
* Stick figure (image of the pose)
* Stick figure image of a preparation pose
* Stick figure image of a follow up pose
* Colour coded category
* Unique Number
* Difficulty level
* Seconds (recommended time to practice)
* Video (download, print, & scan camera over QR code)
* Benefits of the pose
* Written instructions for the pose
* Modifications
* Precautions (relevant medical warnings)

(7) The Yoga Pose Directory page will soon have lots of recommended 10 minute themed yoga practices - ideal for quick home practices. For example, the "chair yoga for seniors over the age of 80" practice will have several recommenced cards (e.g. chair yoga cards 2, 6, 8, 23, 27 and 31). The practitioner can decide which order to practice them in, pick only one card, or pick three cards, hold poses, not hold poses, flow, not flow, or whatever he or she is feeling in the moment.

(8) Playing with these yoga pose cards are a fun way to learn the asanas if you're going through a yoga teacher training course. Each time you pick up a card, you're learning and absorbing the information. When you see the cards on your yoga mat, it will also help to stimulate the brain with sequencing strategies that you wouldn't have thought about by reading a book, or concentrating hard with pen and paper at the ready. The simple act of moving the cards around can spark ingenious ideas for new sequences. Even though you're enjoying the "game", you'll be getting a great "yoga teacher" brain workout!

(9) Your students could take turns in picking a card, and teaching the class from the card by reading it out. I know this might sound radical. You're the teacher. You should be teaching. That's true. And you will. You'll be free to observe everyone and walk around making adjustments and giving praise. It will build confidence in the student being given the mantle of teacher, which increases the chances of them practicing yoga daily at home.

Sanskrit Pronunciation

Upavishta Konasana B
उपविष्ठ कोणासन
Pronunciation: oo-pah-VEESH-tah cone-AHS-anna
Upavistha = Seated
Kona = Angle
Asana = Pose



Upavishta Konasana B1. Sit with legs wide apart. 2. Bend legs, so you can grab toes with thumb, index finger and middle finger (can also grab hold of outer edges of feet). 3. Engage core. 4. Lift heels. 5. Find your balance on sit bones. 6. Stretch legs. Keep core engaged. 7. Draw shoulder blades towards each other. 8. Open your chest. 9. Push heels away from you.



Stretches hips, back of body and groins.


Engage core.

Prep Poses

Ubhaya Padangusthasana is an advanced pose that requires strong legs and core. Even if you’ve been practicing yoga for years, you’ll probably need a few preparation poses to warm you up. Try these preparation poses to stretch and strengthen your legs and engage your core…


Bend knees slightly.  

Perform Uddiyana Bandha – breath is restricted by sucking in your abdominal wall. 

Bound Angle Pose – this gentle hip-opening pose is a great way to ready your hips for the advanced hip-opening that happens in Upavishta Konasana B. 

Blocks under upper thighs to make the toe gathering a bit easier. 


Back or knee injury.
Sacroiliac joint pain.

Yoga Sequences

If you'd like to create a yoga sequence with this pose as the Peak Pose, take a free trial of our Yoga Genie Lesson Plan Creator.  You'll gain full access to 1000's of pre-filled, editable and downloadable yoga lesson plans that have been created by our 1000+ yoga teacher members.

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