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Yoga & Pilates Lesson Planning Made Easy 

Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m the creator of the Yoga & Pilates Lesson Planners. That’s me over there in Crow Pose.

My mission is to make Yoga and Pilates lesson planning as quick and easy as possible for my fellow Yoga and Pilates teachers. Why? Well, because I used to spend several hours creating “one lesson plan”.

I realised that I had to make a change to my lesson planning, or quit teaching. So, I created a Yoga Lesson Planner for myself way back in 2010. It was originally a simple MS Word Document (I could copy and paste poses into a lesson plan).

I showed it to a few yellow Yoga teachers, and they asked to use it. Before long other Yoga teachers, who I didn’t know, were also asking to use it. So, it became clear that it wasn’t just me taking so long creating lesson plans. It was everyone.

That simple Word Doc morphed into an online software, that’s really easy to use. It’s updated on a daily basis. We’ve also created a Kids Yoga Lesson Planner, Pregnancy Yoga Lesson Planner, and Pilates Lesson Planner.

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