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Teach With A Poet’s Heart

30 minutes


Teaching yoga with a poet’s heart is something you and your students will love. The great poets understand the easiest and most enjoyable path to comprehension is through imagery (the use of metaphor and simile).

Imagine your heart is a soaring eagle.”

That paints a more interesting picture than: “Lift your chest up.”

The human mind loves metaphors and similes because they are so powerful.

They are able to instantly change our bio-chemistry.

Simile | makes a comparison
Metaphor | makes a direct analogy

Here is some yoga teaching poetry to get you started.


Step 1
Practice Teaching Using Imagery


If a picture is worth a thousand words, why aren’t more yoga teachers using imagery words and phrases in their classes?

Below are 1001 ways to paint a picture in your student’s minds.

Use them in your classes and come up with your own.

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