Sticky Note Yoga Marketing: The Fun, Quick, Yellow, Orange, And Slightly Sticky Way To Guarantee Your Yoga Classes Are Always Full


From this day forth, you’re going to ENJOY taking action on marketing tactics because we’ve turned into a sticky game with quests!

Yes. Really. I’m serious.

From this day forth, I hereby formerly promise that marketing will forever be a source of fun. How is this possible? Easy. Instead of implementing marketing tactics (yawn, yawn and more yawns), you will be embarking on exciting quests that will grow your yoga business.

The good news is that most of these marketing quests are simple (require no tech or business skills) and take less than 30 minutes.

Let’s go…

Step 1
Choose A Marketing Quest

Online Marketing Quests

  1. About Page
  2. Blog: Class Theme Post
  3. Blog: Pose Post
  4. Blog: Post Tag
  5. Blog: Schedule
  6. Email Signature
  7. Forum Footprints
  8. Link Swap: Acupuncture Practitioners 
  9. Link Swap: Aromatherapy Practitioners
  10. Link Swap: Bowen Practitioners 
  11. Link Swap: Chiropractors
  12. Link Swap: Crystal Therapists
  13. Link Swap: Herbalists
  14. Link Swap: Hypnotherapists
  15. Link Swap: Osteopaths
  16. Link Swap: Reiki Healers
  17. MailChimp: Setup
  18. Online Ad: BWY
  19. Online Ad:
  20. Online Ad:
  21. Online Ad:
  22. Online Ad:
  23. Online Ad: Local Newspaper
  24. Online Ad:
  25. Online Ad:
  26. Online Ad:
  27. Online Ad:
  28. Online Ad:
  29. Online Ad:
  30. Online Ad:
  31. Online Ad:
  32. Online Ad:
  33. Online Ad:
  34. Online Ad:

Offline Marketing Quests

  1. Article: Local Newspaper
  2. BNI: Join
  3. Business Advice: Free
  4. Classified Ad: Yoga Retreat
  5. Discount: Councils
  6. Discount: Doctor Surgery & Hospital Employees
  7. Discount: Local Businesses
  8. Discount: School Teachers
  9. Discount: Students
  10. Exhibition: Flyers
  11. Flyers: Hairdressers
  12. Local Directory
  13. Local Newspaper Writeup
  14. Location: Free Class Venue
  15. Networking: Business Club
  16. Networking: 101
  17. Niche: Yoga For Athletics (Decathlon Events)
  18. Niche: Yoga For Athletics (Heptathlon Events)
  19. Niche: Yoga For Athletics (Jumping Events)
  20. Niche: Yoga For Athletics (Pentathlon Events)
  21. Niche: Yoga For Athletics (Throwing Events)
  22. Niche: Yoga For Football Players
  23. Niche: Yoga For Golfers
  24. Niche: Yoga For Mountain Climbers
  25. Niche: Yoga For Rugby
  26. Niche: Yoga For Runners
  27. Niche: Yoga For Swimmers
  28. Niche: Yoga For Table Tennis Players
  29. Niche: Yoga For Tennis Players
  30. Niche: Yoga For Triathlon athletes
  31. Practice Yoga Daily
  32. Press Release

Step 2
Get A Sticky-note 

Write the quest title on a sticky note.

Only write one quest on one sticky note!

As a yoga teacher, your subconscious has already seen the genius of my sticky note system.

One Pointedness!

One Pointed focus is a what all yoga teachers harp on about in their yoga classes. And for good reason! It works like a charm. Studies prove that multi-tasking is horribly inefficient, horribly stressful, and just plain old horrible.

You’ll get much more done by making friends with “One Pointed Focus”. Do not rely on your brain to keep you all nicely one pointed. You’ll fail. And you’ll keep on failing. You’ll fail some more. And so on. And so forth. Trust me on this one. “So, Georgie Pooh Bear, if I’m not to use my brain, what do you suggest?”

Sticky notes!

Write the quest on a sticky note.

Step 3
Attach To Forehead

Stick the sticky note on your forehead. If you’d rather not use your head for the sticky note, put it somewhere highly visible (e.g. in the front of your “organiser”).

Step 4
Get Stuck In 

Get stuck in with your sticky note (please forgive the pun). Go. Take action. If you’re the scheduling type, schedule it into your diary (e.g. 10am to 11am). If you have one-pointed-focus on your marketing quest, you’ll be amazed by your results.

Step 5
Remove Sticky Note

Whence your quest has been completed, remove the sticky note from your forehead, and do a little jig of joy. Celebrate your one pointed mastery. Revel in the warm glow of victory.

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