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Online Yoga Booking System

Displaying a class schedule and booking form on your website makes it EASIER for new and current students to sign up for your yoga classes.

"Easy to use Online Booking System for busy yoga teachers."

– George Watts

Save Time

Quick and easy setup with optional online payments. It’s easy for students to book and pay for a class online.

Be Organised

All of your student information in one place to make your yoga business life a little bit easier.

Full Classes

Collect money for classes upfront to reduce no shows, combined with the waiting list to fill cancelled places.

Yoga Class Scheduling

Grow your yoga business and simplify your schedule!

Do you need more students in your yoga classes? Do you want to make it easier for your students to book and pay for classes? If you do, then adding a booking system to your website or Facebook page will help you reach both of those goals.

By adding an online booking system, your website can benefit from a scheduling system to funnel website visitors directly onto your class list. A booking form on your website makes it EASIER for new and current clients to sign up for classes. The easier you make the sign up process, the more chance you have of the visitor to your site morphing into a student in your classes. Without an online booking system you are asking a potential student to call or send an email. That’s hassle in their already busy lives. They want to come to your yoga class to reduce their stress. By the time you return their call or reply to the email, Mr or Mrs Potential Yoga Student might have contacted another yoga teacher, or worse, have lost their motivation in starting a class.

Managing Your Yoga Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard Anymore.

The features include…

Waiting List

You can choose how much time students get to respond to a class space becoming available. Our system handles the waiting list which maximises sales and fills up your classes.

Custom Booking Forms

Choose from a range of field types to ensure you get the necessary and correct information from your attendees.

Online & Offline Payments

Choose whether to make online payment mandatory to complete a booking, or give the option to pay later. Payments via PayPal, Stripe or WorldPay.

Confirmation & Reminder Emails

Your students will receive a confirmation and a reminder before the class. You can set when this reminder is sent.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Your booking form will look perfect on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.

Multiple Classes Per Booking

Multiple classes can be selected prior to checkout, enabling booking and payment of multiple classes at the same time.

Easy Website Integration

It couldn’t be easier to integrate the booking form into your website or Facebook page.

Unlimited Schedule

You can add as many classes, workshops and retreats as you can cram into your schedule.

Calendar Sync

Your bookings will show up within your Google Calendar.

Student Self Scheduling

You don’t need to do anything. The student goes to your booking page and schedules what classes they want.

Share Lesson Plans

You’ll be able to create yoga lesson plans using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner and share with students.

Student Progress Avatar

Your students will have fun seeing their Progress Avatar – how many classes they’ve been to.

Track Student Loyalty

Track how many classes your students have been to over the years.

Free Classified Advert

Free classified advert in our Yoga Classes classified site. Pick up a few extra students with zero effort.

LiveStream Classes

Open up a new income stream by adding LiveStream yoga classes to your schedule. We’ll show you how to do it.

Colour Coded Schedule

Make your schedule look visually attractive by adding colour  (e.g. classes are green, workshops are purple, etc).


Student Questionnaire Form

Receive our student questionnaire form templates (collect student contact info and health issues). 

Student List

Quick access to all your student information such as contact details and your notes (e.g. health issues they have).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Free?

It’s free if you have our Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit. Even if you wanted to pay for the yoga booking system, we wouldn’t take your money. It’s only available if you’ve got the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

Do You Have An Affiliate Programme?

No. But we might set up an affiliate programme for the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit if there’s a demand from wanna be affiliates. 

How Do I Get Started?

Get our Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit. And then wait patiently (easy for you because you’re a yoga teacher) for its release in 2020. 

Is There A Set Up Fee?

No. Why would we do such a mean thing to you? It’s 100% free if you have the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

Can I Cancel Anytime?


What If I Have Loads Of Staff & Studios?

Hmmm. Probably best to pick another booking system. I’ve built this system for the individual yoga teacher (like moi). It’s not designed for large yoga studios.

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