Backbends Yoga Lesson Plan Bundle


Instant Access ♦ Mac & Windows Compatible

Includes 6 backbends themed yoga lesson plans for a 6-week course. Each plan has a “yoga teacher version” (long version with teaching directions) and a “student practice sheet” (short version for your students and for you take into class to teach from), and a “stream version” (video stream of the lesson plan).

You’ll receive these yoga lesson plans: 

  1. Backbends: Open Your Heart And Release Your Spine
  2. Backbend & Twist: Release emotions & lift your energy
  3. Backbends & Sidebends: Release Emotions & Flex Your Stiff Spine
  4. Supine Backbends: Release Your Emotions
  5. Standing Backbends: Release Your Emotions
  6. Yoga Backbends With Animal Names

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