26 Kids Yoga Downloadable Colouring Cards


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The Downloadable A to Z Kids Yoga Card Deck includes: 26 illustrated cards (A4 size) and 26 illustrated colouring cards. Great teaching aid for yoga teachers and for non yoga teachers who like the idea of making exercise fun and memorable.

Downloadable A to Z Kids Yoga Card Deck In PNG Format (2001 x 2480 pixels)

26 eye-catching illustrated cards

Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher and creator of the Downloadable A to Z Kids Yoga Card Deck. 

These 26 eye-catching, illustrated cards took me 30+ hours to create for my own kids yoga classes. You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to use these cards. You could be a parent, grandparent, PE teacher, maths teacher, english teacher, plumber, rocket scientist…and just about anyone interested in using large A4 sized “cards” to teach yoga to kids.

The A to Z Illustrated Yoga Cards Include:

  • Letter A: Archer Pose
  • Letter B: Bird Pose
  • Letter C: Camel Pose
  • Letter D: Dog Pose
  • Letter E: Elephant Pose
  • Letter F: Frog Pose
  • Letter G: Gorilla Pose
  • Letter H: Happy Baby Pose
  • Letter I: Invisible Chair Pose
  • Letter J: Jumping Volcano Pose
  • Letter K: Kayak Pose
  • Letter L: Lion Pose
  • Letter M: Mountain Pose
  • Letter N: Nest Pose
  • Letter O: Om Pose
  • Letter P: Plough Pose
  • Letter Q: Queen Snake Pose
  • Letter R: Riding A Bike Pose
  • Letter S: Seed Pose
  • Letter T: Tree Pose
  • Letter U: Upward Facing Dog Pose
  • Letter V: Vacuum Cleaner Pose
  • Letter W: Windsurfing Pose
  • Letter X: Xylophone Pose
  • Letter Y: Yeti Pose
  • Letter Z: Zero Pose

Free Download: Letter A Card

Click here to download the Letter A Card (1 of the 26 cards)

Download, Print & Laminate

You can download, print and laminate the A to Z Kids Yoga Adventure Cards.

They are an amazing teaching aid. There are 26 cards, one for each letter of the alphabet. Each card is in PNG Format (2001 x 2480 pixels).  You can make the cards as big or small as you like without losing any quality.

A Couple Of Games 

Below are a couple of fun games you could play with these 26 cards…

Game 1: Obstacle Course

Step 1
Print the cards.

Step 2
Laminate them.

Step 3
Scatter the cards around the class. You’ve now got a great obstacle course.

Step 4
When the child comes to a card, he/she practices the pose.

Game 2: Child Becomes The Teacher

Step 1
Follow steps 1 to 4 (see Game 1 above).

Step 2
Have one child stationed at each card (station).

Step 3
That child teaches the pose when other kid(s) arrive.


A to Z Colouring Cards (Bonus)

I’ve snuck in a bonus for you. You’ll also receive all 26 cards without colour, so your kids can colour them in.

Click here to download the Letter A Colouring Card.


Do I need to be a kids yoga teacher?

No. You don’t need to be a yoga teacher to use these 26 yoga cards with kids.

Are all the cards downloadable?

Yes. Within minutes of purchase you’ll receive an email with the downloadable links.

Who created the cards?

A slightly crazy BWY yoga teacher by the name of George Watts created these cards. You can find out more about George here.

What size and format are the cards?

These 26 ABC yoga cards are in PNG format (2001 x 2480 pixels).