This Kit contains all the self publishing tips and tools you need to turn your yoga knowledge into Information Products.

Created By BWY Yoga Teacher, George Watts


My name is George Watts.  I’m a full-time BWY yoga teacher and yogi infopreneur.  

Did you know that a whopping 99% of yoga teachers don’t make a full-time living from teaching yoga!  

That’s worth reading again…

Now you need to ask yourself a serious question…

Do I want to be one of the One Percenters Who Make A Full-Time Living Teaching Yoga?”   

If you do, read on…

I’m not saying this to big up my ego, but pretty much every day someone in the world sends me £97 because they’ve just purchased one of my Information Products. My record in one day was £1,258.20. This Kit reveals the simple formula I stumbled across to create Information Products quickly and easily.

I’ve put all my infopreneuring knowledge into one convenient Kit for you. That means you’ll quickly and effortlessly be able create and market a yoga related e-Product such as a Yoga DVD. 

You’ll receive a 460 page course showing you step-by-step how to become a yogi infopreneuring.  

The modules you’ll receive include

  • Module 1: Instant 3 Year Plan
  • Module 2: Instant Rich Cells
  • Module 3: Instant Research
  • Module 4: Instant Database
  • Module 5: Instant Sales Letter
  • Module 6: Instant Marketing Blitz
  • Module 7: Instant Operations Manual
  • Module 8: Instant Repackage
  • Module 9: Instant Course
  • Module 10: Instant Ecourse
  • Module 11: Instant Yahoo Group eCourse
  • Module 12: Instant eBook
  • Module 13 :Instant DVD
  • Module 14: Instant Audio Product
  • Module 15: Instant Teleseminar
  • Module 16: Instant Kindle Publishing
  • Module 17: Instant Book
  • Module 18: Instant CD on Amazon (using
  • Module 19: Instant Download Using Paypal
  • Module 20: Instant Download Using Outlook
  • Module 21: Instant Ezine Publishing
  • Module 22: Instant Ezine Using Outlook
  • Module 23: Instant YouTube Videos for Businesses
  • Module 24: Instant Affiliate Marketing
  • Bonus Module: Ecover Generator
  • Bonus Module: Quick 3D Cover
  • Bonus Module: Infoproduct Profits Workshop
  • Bonus Module: Google Traffic Pump


201 Proven Infoproduct Marketing Tactics 


You’ll receive 201 infoproduct marketing tactics including: 

  • A simple technique that increased my sales an EXTRA 300%
  • Where to find the marketing techniques that really work
  • How to advertise like a pro
  • How to build customer loyalty
  • Why headlines are so important
  • Secrets of successful headlines
  • Headline secrets from the top selling Infoproducts
  • A simple technique that triggers the ‘buy’ response
  • A simple law that multiplies your sales and skyrockets your profits
  • How to multiple your profits by repackaging your Infoproduct
  • Tested sentences that make people buy
  • Secret selling techniques of the man who sold 200 million books
  • The most powerful way to sell your product
  • How to keep customers coming back again and again
  • How to get satisfied customers to give you testimonials for your ads
  • How to multiply the sales from all your advertising
  • How to capture the names and addresses of your prospects
  • An easy low cost way to get lots of new customers
  • A very effective way to have friends help you get new customers
  • Who you should mail to and why
  • How to get your sales letter opened
  • How up-selling can multiply your sales
  • How to get other businesses to give you hot sales leads at no cost to you


Steve Chapman Thinks The Kit Is The
Most Resourceful Tool Out There For Self Publishers

Steve Chapman
Steve Chapman Newbie Self Publisher

This is an extremely amazing and helpful tool to help teach how to self publish and maximize your profits.  I just wish this was available to me ten years ago because I would have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.  It is designed to be very easy to read and understand with step by step instructions that make self publishing seem easy, even for a beginner like myself.  I couldn’t believe how much information is jam packed into this. This is a very resourceful tool and a must have for any self publisher out there. He includes so many extra tools and modules that those extras would be worth the price alone.  If it wasn’t for the help of this toolkit I probably still would not be published. Thank you George!!

David West Likes The
Easy To Follow Step By Step Guides

David West
David West Newbie Self Publisher

This is an extremely comprehensive product and helped me greatly when publishing my first info product.  George provides easy to follow step by step guides and encourages you to take lots of action!

“Yes George, I’d Like To Get My Yogic Hands On Your Yoga Teacher Income Kit.” 

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Includes All Bonuses

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George Watts

George Watts
BWY Yoga Teacher