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Restorative Yoga: Antithesis Of No Pain No Gain Mentality
yoga pose
Easy Anjali
yoga pose
yoga pose
yoga pose
Reclined Bound Angle Bolster
yoga pose
Supine Bolster Hands Touch Elbows
yoga pose
Knee To Chest On Bolster
yoga pose
Legs Up On Bolster
yoga pose
Supine Twist On Bolster
yoga pose
Supine On Bolster I
yoga pose
Half Butterfly Side Bend
yoga pose
Pigeon On Bolster
yoga pose
Embracing Wings
yoga pose
Child On Bolster
yoga pose
Peace Room Relaxation

A restorative yoga practice is the antithesis of the “no pain no gain” mentality.

Restorative yoga is a "no pain loads of gain mentality".

Restorative yoga doesn't do force. It does release. It does surrender. It does compassion. It does slow. It does stillness.

Life for most of us is fast. We're all rushing about. There's nothing wrong with rushing. But we humans don't do sometimes rushing. We do constant rushing. We do relentless on the go rushing. It's as if we believe that stopping, slowing, or calming will cause instantaneous death. Guess what. It won't. The only thing that will die is any strain you're holding onto. 

Have you ever asked yourself: "What am I running away from?" If you ask the question enough, you'll discover it's you. You're running away from you.

You are lovely.

You are fabulous.

You are important.

So, why don't you feel lovely, fabulous and important? Because you're rushing around.  It's time you mentally click the Stop Button. Go on. Click that big red Stop Button. Ah yes. Feels good, heh. Unfurl your yoga mat. And follow along with this restorative yoga practice. 

13 Reasons To Love Restorative Yoga

  1. Enhances flexibility
  2. Deeply relaxed body
  3. Softens and surrenders the monkey mind
  4. Improves capacity for healing and balancing
  5. Balances nervous system
  6. Boosts the immune system
  7. Develops compassion toward others
  8. Develops compassion toward self
  9. Enhances mood states.
  10. Slows down the pace of life
  11. Soothing to the Nervous System
  12. Encourages mindfulness
  13. Cultivates heightened body awareness