A new look. A new feel. A new beginning.

Big Changes

Over the next month you’ll notice things look a little different when you log into your Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. That’s because we’ve going through our first major rebrand since launching the lesson planner in 2010. We’re really excited to share the new look and feel with you. And we’ve been listening to you. Your feedback is 100% crucial to the success of the new re-design.  

Below are the NEW FEATURES that we’ll be rolling out in 2019…

New Feature 1: Explainer Videos

If you ever want to know what one of the features does, with this new feature you’ll be able to click the “video icon” to watch a quick video explaining step-by-step how to use it. For example one of the new features we may be adding to the “lesson plan description section” is a dropdown for aims, objectives and intros. The video icons would be placed to the right of the boxes.

New Feature 2: Intuitive Lesson Planning Dashboard

The new and improved dashboard will be cleaner, which means less scary looking. Even technophobes will find the user-experience fun and intuitive. Plus, when logging in, instead of taking you to your current lesson plan, you’ll be taken to the a new and improved “Main Dashboard” where you’ll be able to find all your lesson plans. From this dashboard you’ll be able to download, email, edit, copy and delete each lesson plan that you’ve created. Plus, you’ll be able to search for any of the 5,000 shared lesson plans.   

New Feature 3: Print Preview Button

With this time-saving feature you’ll be able to click a button to preview it before downloading it as a PDF.

New Feature 4: 6 Advanced Search Categories

There are already 19 search categories within the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner (e.g. standing poses), but we wanted to add some advanced search categories. You’ll be able to search poses by animal, body part, joints, object, warm ups, and yoga therapy.

New Feature 5: Yoga Therapy Search

You’ll be able to search poses suitable for: asthma, back Pain, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome, confidence building, constipation, depression, diabetes, elderly people, fatigue, herniated spinal disc, indigestion, insomnia, leg congestion, menstrual disorders, neck pain, obesity, posture, varicose veins, and more.

New Feature 6: Favourite Pose

Within the “Edit Pose” section you’ll be able to make it a favourite pose. All favourite poses will go to a new “Favourite Poses Category” for easy access. For example, you’ll be able to change the name on mountain pose to Samasthitiḥ (if that’s the name you always use) and click “Add To Favourites”. And voila…next time you go to the “Favourite Poses Category”, you’ll see Samasthitiḥ. 

New Feature 7: Pop Ups verses Page Redirects

When you click on an element within the dashboard, it will “Pop Up” instead of taking you to a separate page. The elements that will Pop Up include: Edit Pose, PDF Preferences and Create A Lesson Plan. 

New Feature 8: Cues

You’ll be able to choose from 100+ cues for each pose. The cues include: 10 seconds/switch sides, 10-30 seconds/switch sides, 30 seconds/switch sides, 1 minute, 3-5 minutes, 1 minute/switch sides, 2 minutes/switch sides, 3-5 minutes/switch sides, 2 breaths/switch sides, 3 breaths/switch sides, 4 breaths/switch sides, 3-5 breaths/switch sides, 4-6 breaths/switch sides, 6-8 breaths/switch sides, both sides, breathe in, breathe out, breath: exhale, breath: inhale, breath: deepen the breath, Exhale, EX, foot: left foot forward, foot: right foot forward, Inhale, IN, IN/EX, IN/EX: 5 sec, IN/EX: 5x, move fast, move slow, repeat on other side, repeat x2, repeat x3, repeat x4, repeat x5, repeat sequence x2, repeat sequence x3, repeat sequence x4, repeat sequence x5, rest for 1 minute rest for 3-5 minutes, rest for 5 minutes or more, sequence start, sequence end, stay 10 seconds, stay 10-30 seconds, stay 30 seconds, stay 1 minute, stay 2 minutes, stay 3-5 minutes, stay 5 minutes or longer, stay 2 breaths, stay 3 breaths, stay 4 breaths, stay 3-5 breaths, stay 4-6 breaths, stay 6-8 breaths, switch sides, x2 breaths, x3 breaths, x4 breaths, x5 breaths, x2 on each side, x3 on each side, x4 on each side, x5 on each side x6 on each side, 1 minute on each side, 2 minutes on each side, 2-5 minutes on each side, x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x10. 

New Feature 9: Smarter Text Boxes

You’ll be able to drag & drop text boxes into the lesson plans. Before adding this feature you would of had to use “blank” from the “Extras Category”. The problem with using the “blank” was that the space was literally blank and you could only add text under the blank space. This was a waste of space and didn’t look right. 

New Feature 10: Medium Lesson Plan Option

You can currently go to the “print settings” and change the settings to “short” or “long” version lesson plans. We’ve looking into adding a “medium” lesson plan.  In the long version each row is a pose. In the medium version each row will be a sequence. Being able to organise each sequence within your lesson plan onto rows will make the plan much clearer. With a quick glance at the plan (when you’re teaching in class) you’ll be able to see which sequence you’re on, and when the next sequence begins. 

There’s more to come!

This is just the beginning. Looking ahead, we are creating an online yoga booking application, which will be free for our members. Plus, we’re creating a yoga live-streaming platform for our members so they can teach yoga and earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

Frequently asked questions

Will I now have to pay for Yoga Genie Lesson Planner software?
No. It’s still the same price. 

How can I give recommendations for improvements? 
Email George at mail@georgewatts.org, or call him on 02921 257770. 

Why are you doing such a large revamp of the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner? 
No software or app is ever perfect, but we want to get as close as possible to perfection. We want the planner to be intuitive, fun and really easy to use. That’s why we’ve 
brought onto our team two young and highly skilled software developers.