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101 Yoga Asana Symbols

101 Yoga Asana Symbols: Reveal A Hidden Language To Your Yoga Students After reading this post you will be more aware of the "yoga symbolism" (imagery) that you can weave into your next yoga lesson plan. You'll also be able to weave symbolism into your yoga class...

6 Free Downloadable Pranayama Yoga Class Handouts

6 FREE Breathing Exercises Yoga Class Handouts Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher with a hankering for handouts. Hope you like these six yoga breathing exercises in one handout. Free Yoga Class Handout Download 6 Breathing Exercises In...

101 Yoga Lesson Planning Ideas (Updated 2019)

101 Yoga Lesson Planning Ideas Top 7 Yoga Lesson Plan Categories Below are my top 7 categories for coming up with a creative yoga lesson plan... THEME PEAK POSE GROUP of POSTURES MUSCLE KEY POINT BODY AREA QUOTE Category 1: ThemeYoga Lesson Plans Focusing On A THEME...

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