Click the video above to watch me using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner to create a yoga class handout with 43 meditations that will WOW your students when you give it to them.

Free Yoga Class Handout With 43 Meditations – A Free Gift That Your Students Will Love

Why did I create a yoga class handout with 43 meditations?

Well, it’s simple really.

Today I received this question from one of our Yoga Genie Lesson Planner members

“I was excited to see you’ve added meditation scripts & relaxation exercises to the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. Is there an easy was to browse them in text format, or do I have to add them to a class plan first? “

To make her life a wee bit easier, I created the meditations handout for her (download it below).

You can use this PDF as a freebie handout for your yoga students (e.g. if you had a meditation or relaxation theme). It would essentially be a FREE yoga ebook to give them (12 pages). I guarantee they’ll be amazed that you went to so much trouble for them.

I recommend asking your students to pick one meditation a day for 30 days (for a home practice).

Free Downloadable 43 Meditations Yoga Class Handout 

Below are 10 of the 43 meditation exercises included within the PDF…

Sit with legs crossed (or on a chair). Close eyes. Bring attention to the surface you’re sitting on. Become aware of how it supports your sitting bones. Expand your awareness to feel the touch of your clothes against your skin. How do the different fabrics feel?
~ Attune To Touch Mediation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. In your mind’s eye see yourself saying: “Well done” to each of your gifts. Recognise them as gifts given to you for the benefit and enjoyment of yourself and others.
~ Awareness Of Your Gifts Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. Silently digest this quote from the Bhagavad Gita: “Harmony is eating and resting, sleeping and walking, balance in all you do. This is the path to peace.”
~ Balance In All You Do Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. Silently ponder what the poet Kahil Gibran says about lovers: “Let there be spaces in their togetherness. Be like two trees: grow side by side, but not in each others shadow.”
~ Be Like Two Trees Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. In your mind’s eye imagine you are enveloped in blue light. It’s your force field that keeps out all negative energy. Feel your shoulders lowering and your breath slowing down as you feel secure in the knowledge that your force field is protecting you.
~ Blue Forcefield Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. Think about one of your fears. Observe how you feel without wallowing in it. Imagine the fear is a caged bird. What are the colours of the feathers? How big is it? What does its call sound like? How does it move? See yourself opening the cage and setting the bird free, releasing it from your mind. As you watch your fear flying away, experience a wave of acceptance bathing you.
~ Caged Bird Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. At your core lies the calm of our true nature. To access this inner calm, imagine yourself diving into a warm, calm lake. You glide through the water in profound silence. As you reach the sea-floor, you are awed to see it carpeted with stunning white pearls. You float quietly observing the pearls. See yourself returning to the surface of the lake. When breaking the surface, you realise that the white pearls of calm you have just discovered lies within you.
~ Calm Reservoir Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. In your mind’s eye imagine you have a Seer who is a beautiful women dressed in an owl’s cloak. Whenever you have a problem consult your Seer. Imagine yourself in a moonlit glade. Before you is the Seer. Tell her your problem and listen for an answer. Return at any time to ask for help.
~ Celtic Seer Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. Silently ponder this quote: “To change a relationship, we must change ourselves, not the other person.”
~ Change Of Focus Meditation

Sit with legs crossed. Close eyes. 99% of our emotional wounds come from childhood. Imagine yourself as a child standing in front of you. Gaze down at the child. Kneel down and introduce yourself. If the child comes towards you, hug him/her close to your heart in a long, warm, loving embrace. Say to the child (silent mantra): “You are safe. You are loved.”
~ Child Within Meditation

Yoga Genie Lesson Planner
1000+ Yoga Poses In 15 Categories

Ashtanga Yoga

Supta Padangusthasana A

All the Ashtanga Primary Series poses are included in the Planner including: 

  • Surya Namaskar A poses
  • Surya Namaskar B poses
  • Padangusthasana
  • Pada Hastasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Parivritta Trikonasana
  • Utthita Parsvakonasana
  • Parivritta Parsvakonasana
  • Prasarita Padottanasana
  • Parsvottonasana
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana
  • Ardha Baddha Padma Uttanasana
  • Utkatasana
  • Virabhadrasana I
  • Virabhadrasana II
  • Dandasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Ardha Baddha Padma Paschimottanasana
  • Trianga Mukaikapada Paschimottanasana
  • Janu Sirsasana
  • Marichyasana
  • Paripurna Navasana
  • Adho Mukha Vrksasana
  • Bhujapidasana
  • Kurmasana
  • Supta Kurmasana
  • Garbha Pindasana
  • Kukkutasana
  • Baddha Konasana
  • Upavista Konasana
  • Supta Konasana
  • Supta Padangustasana
  • Ubhaya Padangustasana
  • Urdvha Mukha Paschimottanasana
  • Setu Bandhasana
  • Urdvha Dhanurasana
  • Paschimottanasana
  • Savasana
  • Salamba Sarvangasana
  • Halasana
  • Karnapidasana
  • Urdvha Padmasana
  • Pindasana in Sarvangasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Uttana Padasana
  • Sirsasana
  • Balasana
  • Baddha Padmasana
  • Yogimudrasana
  • Padmasana
  • Tolasana
  • Savasana


Bandhas Include: 

  • Chin Lock (dynamic)
  • Chin Lock (passive)
  • Root Lock
  • Upward Abdominal Lock
Bolster Yoga

Bolster Yoga

Bolster Yoga Poses Include: 

  • Bike Ride
  • Bolster Chat
  • Bolster Creation
  • Bound Angle
  • Bound Angle (strap)
  • Bridge 1
  • Bridge 2
  • Bridge 3
  • Child
  • Easy Pose
  • Fish 1-6
  • Hero
  • Knee To Chest
  • Leg Lift
  • Legs Up
  • Legs Up Wall
  • Pigeon 1-3
  • And many more!
Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga Poses Include: 

  • Ab Breath
  • Ankle Curl
  • Arm Circles
  • Arm Lift
  • Arm Stretch
  • Arms Out
  • Arms Up
  • Backbend
  • Big Toe Hold
  • Bow
  • Breathwork
  • Bridge
  • Calf Raise
  • Centering
  • Chest Opener
  • Clam
  • Desk Posture
  • Down Dog
  • Flying Crane
  • Forward Bend
  • Grounding
  • Half Fold
  • Ham Lift
  • And many more!
Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Poses Include: 

  • Anjal Crown Chakra
  • Body Drops
  • Jnana Energy Focus
  • Lotus Arm Stretches
  • Neck Rolls
  • Ong Namo Guru Dev Name
  • Sat Nam 3rd Eye
  • Sat Nam Heart Chakra
  • See Saw Breath
  • And many more!
Laugher Yoga

Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga Games Include: 

  • Alien
  • Association
  • Ball Throw
  • Balloons
  • Clap Focus
  • Count To 20
  • Credit Card
  • Filleting
  • Freeze
  • Greetings
  • Ha
  • Halloween Monster
  • Heart Circle
  • Hello
  • High Fives
  • And many more!


Mantras Include: 

  • Aham Brahma Asmi
  • Aham Premal
  • Ang Sang Wahl
  • Cosmic
  • Gayatri
  • Jat Paahaaraa
  • Lord Shiva
  • Mahamrityunjay
  • Mangalam
  • Moola
  • Namaste
  • Om
  • Om Aim Hrim
  • Om Dum Durgayei
  • Om Gum Ganapateyie
  • And many more!
15 yoga categories


The Xtras category include for want of a better word, "extras" that make lesson planning that little bit easier. For example there is a X2 icon that you can use if you want to repeat the pose or sequence twice, there are breathe in and out icons, there are Sun Salutations A, B & C icons. There are lots more time saving icons.



Meditations Include: 

  • Awareness Of Your Gifts
  • Blue Force Field
  • Caged Bird
  • Celtic Seer
  • Crying Child
  • Destiny
  • Empty Cup
  • Follow Your Path
  • Golden Birds
  • Karmic Laws
  • Lao Tzu
  • Little Actions
  • Mandala
  • Mandala Talk
  • Mind Massage
  • And many more!


Mudras Include: 

  • Aakash
  • Adhi
  • Anjali
  • Apan Vayu
  • Apana
  • Asthma
  • Atmanjali
  • Bhairav
  • Bhramara
  • Bodhisattva
  • Brahma
  • Bronchial
  • Chin
  • Dhamachakra
  • Dhyani
  • Figa
  • Ganesha
  • Garuda
  • Gyan
  • Hakini
  • And many more!
Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga Include: 

  • Boat
  • Bow
  • Bridge
  • Camel
  • Child
  • Cobra
  • Confidence
  • Dead Bug
  • Downward Facing Dog 1
  • Downward Facing Dog 2
  • Engage Core
  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Knee To Chest
  • Lunge
  • Lying Twist
  • Plank
  • And many more!


Pranayama Exercises Include: 

  • Abdominal Breath
  • Alternate Nose Breath
  • Alternate Nose & Ujjayi Breath
  • Bellows Breath
  • Breath Counting
  • Breath Of Joy
  • Compassion Breath
  • Complete Breath
  • Dolphin Breath
  • Extended Exhale
  • Fire Breath
  • Humming Bee Breath
  • And many more!
Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercises

Relaxation Exercises Include: 

  • Blue Bubble
  • Breathe In Positive
  • Counting Down
  • Dolphin
  • Glass Of Water
  • Palming
  • Pavlov
  • Peace Room
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  • Savasana 1-3
  • And many more!
Seated & Floor Poses

Seated Yoga

Seated & Floor Poses Include: 

  • Ankle Rotation
  • Archer
  • Bananasana
  • Bharadajasana Twist
  • Boat
  • Bound Angle
  • Bow
  • Bridge
  • Bridge Wall
  • Bridge Block
  • Butterfly
  • Butterfly Twist
  • Camel 1-4
  • Cat
  • Cat Pulling Tail
  • Child 1-2
  • Cobra 1-4
  • Confidence
  • Cow 1-3
  • Cow Face 1-3
  • Cradle Baby
  • And many more!
Standing Poses

Standing Poses

Standing Poses Include: 

  • Bird Of Paradise
  • Bound Extended Side Angle
  • Bound Triangle
  • Chair 1-3
  • Crescent Lunge
  • Crescent Moon
  • Dancer 1-2
  • Dolphin
  • Downward Facing Dog 1-8
  • Eagle
  • Extended Hand To Big Toe 1-2
  • Extended Side Angle 1-3
  • Extended Triangle
  • Fig Tree
  • Figure Four
  • Five Pointed Star
  • Forward Bend
  • Goddess 1-6
  • Half Moon Bound Revolved
  • Half Moon Bow
  • Half Splits
  • And many more!

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