Webinar Wednesdays: Every Month I (George) Will Be Hosting A FREE Online Live Yoga Lesson Planning Workshop.  

One Acorn Attendee

We all know that from little acorns doth (forgive the sudden leap into Shakespearian lingo) emerge something large and exciting.

Drum rolls please….

Today we planted an acorn. A beautiful, small metaphorical acorn.

Our acorn was our first Live Webinar.

You can watch the replay below.

I was the host. And our only attendee was a yoga teacher who was interested in finding out more about the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

We didn’t invite anyone else to join us because it was a test. And “Kay” (the attendee) was very brave to be our test pilot.

Even though it was a test, it went more smoothly than I anticipated. The main hiccups were not knowing how to allow Kay to write messages or speak to me, but the screencasting worked perfectly.

Webinar Thursday Wednesday

OK, you got me.

Our first webinar (see reply video above) was filmed on a Thursday. But “Webinar Wednesday” sounds so much better. And all the other webinars will be on Wednesday.

To all the other days in the week, please understand that I still love you. It’s just that you don’t have a “W” in your name. If I ever have an idea for something manic, Monday, you’re my guy. If I come across something transformative, Tuesday or Thursday, you’ll be first on my mind. If something freaky occurs to me, yep, Friday, you’re in. And to both, “S’es”, I apologise, but my better half would give me the evil eye (really scary) if I dared work on a Saturday or Sunday.

Webinar Waterskiing Wednesdays

Once I’ve done a few more test runs, I’ll be hosting a “Live Webinar Wednesday” every month.

Free Webinars

These Live Webinar Wednesdays will be free for members and non-members.

Love Lessoning Lust

During each webinar I’ll be demonstrating how to create a memorable (engaging) yoga lesson plan in under 10 minutes using the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

Yes. I know. I know. I really am that nice.

Of all the things I could be occupying my precious time with, and I opt to show you how to create memorable yoga lesson plans. Why? When I love waterskiing so very much? Because I love yoga lesson planning. I can’t help myself.

When visiting a therapist to explain my love lessoning lust, he looked me straight in the eye and said,

George, each yoga lesson plan you morph into reality makes the world just a little bit better.”

I looked back into his eyes and said,

Gotta go. I need to create a yoga lesson plan

You’re right, this whole therapist thing never happened. But maybe I do need a therapist?

Internationally Critically Acclaimed, Time Saver & Joy Inducing

I guess you could say that these Webinar Wednesdays are just a “demo” of my internationally critically acclaimed, time saver, joy inducing Yoga Genie Lesson Planner (did you spot my subtle plug there).

And you’d be right.

But you’ll also be learning the art of crafting memorable, highly engaging, yoga lesson plans in under 10 minutes.

Will I make you an offer to become a member at some point during the webinar? Yes. Of course. But I’ll do it nicely. I’ll do it with a sprinkling of panache. And it will take up less than 60 seconds of the entire webinar. You’ll get 99% content. And 1% gentle sales pitch. I hope that sounds fair to you.

Small Yelp Of Joy

Each webinar will be so much more than a demo.

Each webinar will show me creating a “themed yoga lesson plan”.

I connect with lots of yoga teacher every week (by email, Skype, talks & workshops). And the #1 skill they’d like to hone is how to create “highly engaging, memorable yoga lesson plans”.

That’s what I’m hear for.

Please feel free to let out a small yelp of joy.

You’ll learn what I’ve learned from the 2,500+ shared yoga lesson plans created by members of the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

Heart Melter

Each Webinar Wednesday will be engaging and valuable for members and non-members.

Non members get to see the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner in action. And members get to learn how to melt the hearts and minds of their students through engaging lesson plans. It’s not rocket science. It’s simple. Anyone can do it. Even if you’re a newbie yoga teachers.

Each Webinar Wednesday will teach you something new about yoga lesson planning. You can come to as many as you like. Heck, come to them all. I will.

Guest Gurus

Throughout the year I will be inviting “Guest Gurus” to talk about niche subjects that they are experts in (e.g. yoga for kids, yoga for ME, yoga for pregnancy, yoga for seniors, yoga for golfers, etc). I promise that each time you come to a Webinar Wednesday you’ll learn something new.

Warm Embrace Of Freebies

I sometimes sit for hours pondering my existential existence and the meaning of life.

Immediately after one of these pondering sessions, ‘m blown away by the beautiful brevity of life. So, I take the responsibility of you giving me your time, extremely, extremely, extremely seriously. I’m not kidding. For showing up to the Live Webinar Wednesday, I will reward you with a delicious downloadable yoga lesson planning freebie. If you just watch the reply of the webinar, your yogic hands will never feel the warm embrace of the freebie(s). Yes, notice the “s”. Plural. That means potentially lots of freebies.

Pulsating Energy Ripple

Being a person of the world, I bet you’ve been to a few yoga teacher workshops. What makes them such a valuable experience? They’re social. They’re engaging. They have real, pulsating energy rippling around the room.

Webinars have that same energy!

You’ll be able to talk to me and be heard by all attendees. You’ll be able to write messages that all attendees can see (e.g. “George, your drag & drop yoga genie lesson planner is the best thing since stretchy yoga pants. And I’m truly honoured to be a member“). If anyone says something like that, it’s probably my Mum…who is also a yoga teacher.

Yoga Genie Lesson Planner

Free 7 day trial. 5000 shared yoga lesson plans. 2000 poses to choose from. 

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George Watts

BWY Yoga Teacher at George Watts Yoga
This post was lovingly morphed into reality by BWY yoga teacher, George Watts. If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a look at my affordable yoga lesson plan bundles for yoga teachers . And if you'd like to save time creating yoga lesson plans sign up today for a free 7 day trial for my drag & drop online yoga lesson planner.

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