I hope you enjoy the 7 kids yoga breathing exercises lesson plan – created using the Drag & Drop Kids Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. 

Kids Yoga Class Theme 
Kids breathing exercises

Class Time 
5 minutes (pick one of the 7 breathing exercises)

Learning Outcome
A child’s fragile and still-developing brain is less suited to handling stress and negative emotions, such as fear, anger or sorrow which is why approximately 170,000 UK children are seen by the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) each year. That’s where kids breathing exercises can come to the rescue. Try out one or two of these breathing exercises during your next kids yoga class.

I recommend you only pick one breathing exercise to teach per class.

Breathing Exercises Included In The Lesson Plan 

  • Shooting Star Breath
  • Balloon Breath
  • Feather Breath
  • Fireworks Breath
  • Happy Breath
  • Lava Breath
  • Parachute Breath

Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit
Kids Yoga Lesson Planning Made Easy

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Kids Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit


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