Greetings my fabulous, fellow, furry yoga teachers.

I’m sure you’re not overly furry, but I couldn’t resist the alliteration with the Fs.

I just wanted to let you know that 11 brand new “partner yoga poses” have just been added to the Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator due to a request from Deborah…one of the 1000+ yoga teachers worldwide who use the planner to effortlessly create yoga lesson plans with a few clicks of a mouse (forgive the blatant plug…and the several others coming up).


I know this is going to sound immodest, but hey, it’s gotta be said…the new partner yoga poses are really, really, really cute. I have a hunch you’re gonna love ’em!  A yoga lesson plan with these cute partner yoga stick figures will help turn your yoga lesson plans into a work of art, which miraculously morphs them into highly treasured yoga class handouts for your students.

Think about that for a moment.

Your yoga lesson plans will become works of art.

How cool is that.

My students love receiving lesson plans that I create with the Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator and so will yours. Giving your students an eye-catching yoga lesson plan means they’ll subconsciously consider you a wondrously brilliant yoga teacher. At the very least they will think that you’ve gone to a lot of effort. But little do they know that it only took you a few short, stress-free minutes to drag and drop that bad boy yoga lesson plan of yours into reality. Your students, however, will think you’ve sweeted over the lesson plan for hours.

But, alas, if a yoga lesson plan only takes a few minutes to drag and drop into sweet existence, what are you to do with all that extra free time? Well, if you have a few minutes spare, you could take action on one of these nifty yoga teacher marketing tactics. Or plant a few charlotte potatoes in a monstrously large container in your garden (like I just did before writing this blog post).

The 11 New Partner Yoga Poses


  1. Partner Bow
  2. Partner Child
  3. Partner Cobra
  4. Partner Downward Facing Dog 1
  5. Partner Downward Facing Dog 2
  6. Partner Hamstring Stretch
  7. Partner Happy Baby
  8. Partner Lying Twist
  9. Partner Seated Bow
  10. Partner Seated Twist
  11. Partner Warrior I (back to back)

Within the Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator there are 30+ partner yoga poses, a whopping 900+ yoga poses, and 15 yoga categories.

The 15 Yoga Categories 

  1. Ashtanga Yoga
  2. Bandhas
  3. Bolster Yoga
  4. Chair Yoga
  5. Laugher Yoga
  6. Mantra
  7. Meditation
  8. Mudra
  9. Partner Yoga
  10. Pranayama
  11. Pregnancy
  12. Relaxation
  13. Seated & Floor
  14. Standing
  15. Xtras

No other Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator offers such a huge and diversified range of poses and categories.

If, however, you find a pose that isn’t in the Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator (usually a modified version of a yoga pose), let me know and I will add it for you. This is a free service for yoga teachers who have already got the the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

Jaw Droppingly Low

I thought you might like to know that that the Drag & Drop Yoga Lesson Plan Creator is utterly devoid of annoying yearly fee. Yes, you heard right. No membership fees! Just a one time payment that’s way tiny tinier than you think it is. I’ve purposefully kept the price jaw droppingly low because I wanted it to be affordable for all yoga teachers.

Yoga Lesson Plan Creator

Free 7 day trial. 5000 shared yoga lesson plans. 2000 poses to choose from. 

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