6 Free Mantra Handouts: That I Created To Give To My Yoga Students

Ang Sang Wahe Guru Handout

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Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher with a hankering for handouts. Hope you like these mantra handouts. 

Free Yoga Class Handout Download

6 Mantra Handouts (MS Word, PDF & ODT formats)

The 6 mantra handouts are part of 250+ yoga class handouts included as a bonus within the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner.

With this epic handouts bonus, you’ll be able to download an MS Word Document with 450+ pages of yoga class handouts. It’s taken me years to create this document. They include all the yoga class handouts that I’ve created for my own yoga classes over 10+ years.

The best part is that you’ll be able to edit every single one of the handouts.

For example, you might want to put your logo on the handouts or edit the descriptions a bit to add your own style. Your students will love receiving them.

The 6 Mantra Handouts

The mantra handouts that you can download for FREE include…

  1. Ang Sang Wahe Guru
  2. Cosmic Mantra
  3. Gayatri Mantra
  4. Lord Shiva Mantra
  5. OM Breath Mantra
  6. OM Continual Mantra

Use The Handouts

  • As a teaching aid for your classes
  • As handouts for your classes
  • As a template for your own handouts

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Here’s the information from one of the mantra handouts. 

Ang Sang Wahe Guru

Loose Translation

= a part
Sang = in every
Wahe = indescribable ecstasy of Infinite Being
Guru = knowledge that transforms the mind



The Infinite Being is with me and vibrates in every molecule and cell of my being.

Synchronizes the finite sense of self to the Infinite Oneness.

Benefits Of Mantra
During mantra meditation, the amount of adrenaline released into your blood goes down. While meditating, your cortisol level drops and stays low for hours afterwards.  Cortisol is known as the stress hormone although there are several stress hormones, including adrenaline. But cortisol is one of the most important. It is present in your blood in small amounts all the time, but when you experience stress, your body produces quite a bit of it and in high amounts, it has unhealthy and unpleasant effects. Getting it out of your bloodstream, in contrast, has healthy and pleasant effects.  A high level of cortisol makes your body store extra fat in your abdomen and makes you crave fattening foods with extra intensity.

Seated Positions

  • Pillow under bum if knees high
  • Easy Pose (legs crossed)
  • Hero Pose (kneeling)
  • Half or Full Lotus Pose

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