6 FREE Breathing Exercises Yoga Class Handouts

Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher with a hankering for handouts. Hope you like these six “yoga breathing exercises” in one handout.

Free Yoga Class Handout Download

6 Breathing Exercises In 1 Yoga Class Handout | PDF

This is just 1 of 250+ yoga class handouts included as a bonus within the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.

With this epic bonus, you’ll be able to download an MS Word Document with 450+ pages of yoga class handouts. It’s taken me years to create this document. They include all the “yoga class handouts” that I’ve created for my own yoga classes over the years.

And the best part is that you’ll be able to edit every single one of the handouts.

For example, you might want to put your logo on the handouts, or edit the descriptions a bit to add your own style. Your students will love receiving them.

The 6 Handouts Include

  1. Abdominal Breath
  2. Alternate Nostril Breath
  3. Bellows (Bhastrika) Breath
  4. Breath Chart
  5. Breath Counting
  6. Complete Breath

You Can Use The Handouts

  • As a teaching aid for your classes
  • As handouts for your students
  • As a template for your own handouts

Abdominal Breath 

Here is one of the six breathing exercises included within the download.

Abdominal Breath 

Daily Pranayama Practice Tips

  • Choose pranayama practices which produce a feeling of well being
  • Practice Pranayama after Asanas and before relaxation or as a separate practice
  • Take your time.  You have all the time in the world to make progress
  • Practice Pranayama same time each day (e.g. 7AM)
  • Observe the effects at the end of your practice
  • Don’t rush to get on with your daily living
  • Take care with hyperventilation – stop if you feel dizzy


Breathing with the belly massages the digestive organs and heart, and brings peacefulness into the mind.


  • Lie in savasana
  • Put both hands on your belly and feel the hands rising on the inbreathe
  • Imagine your belly is a balloon and on the inbreathe it inflates


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This post was lovingly morphed into reality by BWY yoga teacher, George Watts. If you're looking for a treasure trove of yoga lesson planning goodness, take a look at my affordable yoga lesson plan bundles for yoga teachers . And if you'd like to save time creating yoga lesson plans sign up today for a free 7 day trial for my drag & drop online yoga lesson planner.

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