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Hi, my name is George Watts. I’m a BWY yoga teacher with a hankering for handouts. I absolutely love creating handouts for my yoga students. I hope the “Chakra Dowsing Handout” becomes a useful addition to your yoga teacher tool-bag.

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Chakra Dowsing Handout | MS Word, PDF & ODF Formats

This is just 1 of 250+ yoga class handouts included as a bonus within the Yoga Genie Lesson Planner. With this epic bonus, you’ll be able to download an MS Word Document with 450+ pages of yoga class handouts.

It’s taken me years to create this document. They include all the “yoga class handouts” that I’ve created for my own yoga classes over the years.

And the best part is that you’ll be able to edit every single one of the handouts. For example, you might want to put your logo on the handouts, or edit the descriptions a bit to add your own style. Your students will love receiving them.

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Chakra Dowsing

Here is a taste of the content within the handout…

Dowsing The Chakras

This week’s philosophy – Learn to dowse your chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word and translates as ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’ and refers to the energy hotspots in the body. There are said to be 7 main ones located along the spine and numerous minor ones – found all over the body but especially in the palms of the hands.  Both negative and positive thoughts influence the flow of energy. It is often quoted that ‘energy follows thought’. Low energy in a chakra area may indicate blocked or suppressed energy in that chakra. Use meditation or asana to unblock the energy.

1)  Make a pendulum (anything that can swing freely) e.g. any heavy weight on a string.

2)  Practice swinging the pendulum. Hold in your right hand and suspend it from a short string.

3)  Place over the left palm, be still and quiet and let go of any disrupting thoughts. Be open to what is happening.

4)  Ask your ‘higher self’ to indicate which direction is positive and which is negative for you. If it is slow be patient.

5)  Make a note of these directional movements.

6)  Place the pendulum over a chakra – a friend’s or one of your own. Hold the pendulum about 3 inches from the chakra. The pendulum will start to move – this will reflect both your own energy and that of your friend.

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