Yoga Off The Mat
How To Set Juicy Goals

yoga off the mat

yoga off the mat

Uncover some juicy, exciting goals to move towards

Bring back a sense of aliveness and joy in your life


Step 1
If you were to meet yourself in 10 years time and you were looking back over the past 10 years, what would have happened in those 10 years for you to feel you’ve really sucked from the marrow of life.

Step 2

Get your notebook out and write down everything you want for yourself and others.   Don’t judge anything that comes up.  Just write it down.

Step 3
Make sure each goal is actionable and in the present tense.  For example:  “I want to lose weight”,  is not actionable or in the past tense.   The problem with a vague goal like this is that you don’t know when you’ve arrived.

Here’s an actionable goal in the present tense…

“I am 9 stone and have so much energy that I jump out of bed each morning.”

Why write your goal in the present tense?   When you write a goal in the present tense you tell your nervous system that it’s already happened.   This feeling you’re already reached your goal will set in motion hidden powers and forces that will help you manifest this goal into reality.

Step 4
Visualise and feel your goals being a reality.    See and feel yourself reaching your goal in minute detail.   Let your imagination go wild.    Close your eyes and feel what it’s like to be 9 stones (if that is your goal).   See yourself glowing.   See yourself swimming, walking, climbing, etc.     When you’re swimming in your imagination, feel the water, smell the water, see other people swimming in the pool.

Allow yourself to go completely into your imagination and when you’re not imagining ACT AS IF.   ACT AS IF you are your ideal weight and have lots of energy.   How would someone who’s 9 stone and full of energy act?   Start acting like that person.

This may sound a bit silly and childish, but it works.  Give it a go.