Yoga Off The Mat  
Peak Moment

yoga off the mat

yoga off the mat

Uncover more magic, peak moments in your life.   This is a brilliant tool for preparing to take on new challenges in life.


Step 1
Identify a peak or special moment when life was especially rewarding or poignant for you.  This can be a specific event or just a brief period of time which was meaningful and satifying or rich and fulfilling.

Where were you?

Who was there with you?

Describe exactly what was happening?

What precisely was it that made this so special for you?

What does this say about what is important, meaningful and fulfilling for you?

Step 2
Reflect on what you’ve just uncovered and identify a core value (eg, Faith, Self-reliance, Accomplishment, Non-violence, Family, Service, Achievement, Fitness, Simplicity, Adventure, Flair, Optimism, Positive Attitude, Freedom, Peace, Authenticity, Fun, Spirit-in-life, Generosity, Persistence, Stability, Beauty,Giving, Personal growth, Pioneer spirit, Gratitude, Success, Community, Honesty, Tranquility, Humor, Prosperity, Truth, Courage, Well-being, Wisdom, Decisiveness, Intuition, Knowledge, Leadership, Leisure, Results-oriented, Love-romance, Excellence, Security)

Step 3
How are you living to that value now?

Step 4
Visualize the future – imagine a similarly meaningful, satisfying, rich or fulfilling experience – where your value is being expressed.   This visualization will help motivate and inspire you to manifest a meaningful goal.   Each time you visualize the future experience (goal) you increase the chance of manifesting it into the real world.