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How To Teach Crescent Lunge

Step 1
Teach The Benefits

Opens hips & groins

Stretches calves, thighs & hamstrings

Step 2
Teach The Steps

From downward facing dog take big step forward with right foot. 

Bend right knee so that it is directly over right ankle with right thigh parallel to floor.

Raise arms overhead and spread fingers. 

Roll shoulder blades down back.

Lengthen spine.

Bring gaze to horizon.

Extend from back heel to crown of head.

Hold up to five breaths.

Return to Down Dog on exhalation.

Repeat with the left leg forward.

Step 3
Teach Modifications

Low lunge is an obvious modification…

Low Lunge Infographic


Step 4
Make Adjustments

Most students really appreciate getting an adjustment from you.  It demonstrates that you are paying attention and they are getting great value for their money.  Here are some typical adjustments for Crescent Lunge…

Anterior Rotated Pelvis Adjustment (video tutorial)
If your student has a big arch in their lower back it means they have an anterior rotated pelvis. To adjust bring your fist into sacrum and ask the student to move it back into your fist (front ribs will drop).

Knee Adjustment
If the student’s front knee caves in, bring it in alignment with their toes.

Railway Track Adjustment
If the student finds it hard to balance ask to shuffle their front front out towards the edge of the mat.  The legs will go from feeling like they are on a tight rope to being on a railroad track which will give the student a strong foundation.

Shaky In The Back Leg Adjustment (video tutorial)
If your student is shaky in the back leg walk to the front and bring palm to the front of the knee cap and ask him/her to push into your hand and reach back with his/her back leg.

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