How To Teach Cat Pose

Step 1
Learn The Sanskrit

Marjaryasana = cat pose
Marjari = cat

I’ve learned how to remember Sanskrit names of poses by using a fun, easy to use memory trick. The trick is to create a bizarre story. The more bizarre the easier it is for the brain to remember.

For example, here’s the bizarre story I whipped up…

I imagine myself knocking at the door of my Mum’s house (she has a cat).  When she opens the door, instead of giving her a hug, I go straight to her fridge and get a tub of MARJArine (sounds like MARYAryasana), a knife, and spread it all over her very fluffy Norweigian CAT. When my mum rightly asks me when I just put MARJArine all over her CAT, I tell her it’s the latest way of preventing hair loss for CATs.

Step 2
Teach The Benefits

Cat Pose develops concentration and awareness when you mentally visit the spaces between each of the vertebral joints to mobilize them.

Other benefits…

  • Lower back
  • Menopause disorder
  • Menstrual disorder
  • Sexual debility

Step 3
Teach The Steps

1) Start in neutral position with wrists under shoulders and arms shoulder width.

2) Pull navel into small of back & arch back.

3) Tuck chin to chest & move slowing back/forth.

4) Repeat several times.

Step 4
Spice It Up

Spice it up with some variations of Cat Pose.

Variation 1
Do Cat Pose with Cow Pose for a flowing vinyasa.

Variation 2
Raise the left leg and right arm, then raise the right leg and left arm.

Variation 3
Bring head to knee.

Variation 4
Tuck toes under (so you’re on your tiptoes) and hover 2 or 3 inches above the floor. Now do Cat Pose (students will need to activate their core more to do this pose).

Step 5
Save Time With Your Yoga Lesson Planning

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