Yoga Studio Business Plan

Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit: All The Tips, Tools & Resources You Need To Plan & Manage A Profitable Yoga Studio 

George In Warrior PoseHi, my name is George.

I’m a BWY yoga teacher and creator of The Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit.

There are only 18 pages in the Yoga Studio Business Plan! All you need to do is spend a few minutes editing it.

Why only 18 pages?

Well, I’ve taken out all the unnecessary fluff that goes into a business plan. You see, after over 10 years as a business consultant, I’ve seen hundreds of really long and attractive looking business plans. Most of them weren’t worth the paper they were printed on.


Well, it wasn’t because they weren’t well written. Most were created by very intelligent people who are extremely skilled in the art of writing. The very long and attractive business plans are usually rubbish because they are…so long and attractive.

Most business owners never actually use their very long business plans. And that’s a real shame. I think a business plan should be used, if not daily, than at least on a weekly basis. Without a business plan that is used regularly a business has little hope of succeeding.

By removing the fluff, I’ve sneakily increased the odds of you actually using this business plan, even if you only think you need one to impress your bank manager to get a loan.

The main sections include:

  • Executive Summary
  • 1.1 Mission
  • 1.2 Objectives
  • 2.1 Company Ownership
  • 2.2 Start-up Summary
  • 2.3 Company Location and Facilities
  • Products & Services
  • 3.1 Services
  • 3.2 Products
  • Marketing Strategies
  • 4.1 Competitive Analysis
  • 4.2 Competitive Edge
  • 4.3 Market Segments
  • 4.4 Marketing Strategy
  • 4.5 Fundraising Strategies
  • Financial Plan
  • 5.1 Income Statement (Profit & Loss)
  • 5.2 Balance Sheet
  • 5.3 Cash Flow Statement
  • Personnel
  • 6.1 Organisational Chart
  • 6.2 How-to Positional Manual
  • Appendix

If You Order Today, You’ll Receive These Bonuses
Worth £195…

Bonus 1
Business Plan Mindmap

Yoga Studio Business Plan Mindmap

You can use the “Business Plan Mind Map” to unleash your creative right brain. You’ll also have access to video tutorials guiding through the mind mapping process.  This single page will probably become the most valuable sheet of paper in your entire business.

Bonus 2
Yoga Studio Action Planner

yoga studio action planner

You’re going to love the “Yoga Studio Action Planner” because it has the crucial step-by-step actions you need to make to set up a profitable yoga studio.

Bonus 3
Financial Spreadsheets

yoga studio spreadsheets

You’ll receive the “three financial documents” that are crucial to running a successful yoga studio. Plus, your bank manager is definitely going to want to see these documents if you’re considering getting a loan.

The documents include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Income Statement

These three documents will instantly let you know at a glance how financially healthy your yoga studio is.

You’ll also receive a video workshop series on how to edit these three documents. So, even if you’ve never even heard of a Cash Flow Statement, you’ll be a pro in no time.

Bonus 4
The 46 Crucial Question

yoga studio questions

You really do need to ask yourself these “46 questions” before you write a single word of your business plan. Missing just one of these questions could spell disaster for your yoga studio.

Bonus 5
101 Proven Yoga Studio
Fundraising Tactics

yoga studio fundraising

You’ll receive “101 proven ways to raise funds for a yoga studio“. These creative, and mostly free, tactics will open up the vaults to raising 100% of the money you need to open and grow your yoga studio.

Bonus 6
Yoga Studio Policy & Procedures Manual

yoga studio procedures manual

Statistics show that 80% of all non franchised business fail within 3 years.

Why do they fail?

They fail as a direct result of not understanding the importance of simple systems. The Operations & Procedures Manual is a place where all your systems are kept  (e.g. the 8 steps to order business cards from vistaprint).Why go to this effort?

Because you or any other employee at your studio can go to the Operations & Procedures Manual and take immediate action, instead of fumbling around wondering how to do something (e.g. how to order business cards). The Operations & Procedures Manual allows you (the studio owner) to train your staff, so that the business could run without you. You may want to take a month off to go on a worldwide cruise. Well, without theOperations & Procedures Manual that worldwide cruise will always remain a distant dream.

Hopefully by now you’re beginning to see the immense power of a Policy and Procedures Manual.

A  Policy and Procedures Manual will…

  • Save you time
  • Reduce stress levels of all your employees
  • Create predictable results for your business

 Bonus 7
Yoga Studio Accounts Software

yoga studio accounting software

The Yoga Studio Accounts Software will quickly become an essential tool for managing your yoga studio. It is the easiest to use accounts software on the market today and will help you save time and get organised.

Features include

  • Create invoices
  • Write cheques, track expenses, and reconcile online bank accounts
  • Track employee time
  • Manage payroll and taxes
  • Store & organise all your customer, employee and financial information
  • Track sales activity
  • Email invoices and get paid faster with PayPal
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions in the Startup Wizard
  • Import your existing financial data from other programs

I wish I had found this yoga studio kit a couple of years ago!  It would have saved me a lot of time and effort trying to get the information I need to start my yoga studio business. If I had the information provided in this wonderful kit, I wouldn’t have wasted a whole year as I did!” The material is clear, easy to understand and ready to use! Fantastic! I highly recommend it!”

Claudia Gutierrez

Yoga Teacher from Dublin, Ireland,

“There is so much vital information! It really blew my mind how much there was!  I have started my Yoga business plan a few different times and never finished it because it is too time consuming!  Thanks to George and his marvelous Yoga kits we can get things organized in a much better and faster way.   It’s like having a universal “cheat sheet” for your Yoga Studio that nobody else knows about but you. I loved the first kit so much I bought another kit!  I would highly recommend them all!”

Eva Wright

Yoga teacher from USA,

“Yes George, I’d Like To Save Time & Effort Setting Up My Yoga Studio. So, I’m Going To Take You Up On Your Special Offer.” 

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List Price: £97
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Within seconds of making payment you’ll be emailed
a link to a secret page on my site where you have access to
all the resources in the Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit.”

Your fellow yoga teacher,

george signature

George Watts

George Watts
Creator of the Yoga Studio Business Plan Kit
BWY Yoga Teacher
p. 02921 257770
a. The Firs, Hay Rd, Builth Wells, Powys, LD2 3BP, Wales, UK

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow yoga teachers. So, if you have any questions, please call or email me.

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