Yoga Retreat Kit

Hosting 1 Yoga Retreat Is The Equivalent Of Teaching 126 Yoga Classes: The Yoga Retreat Kit Has All The Tips, Tools & Templates Needed For Hosting A Profitable Yoga Retreat.


Hi, my name is George Watts.  That’s little old me on the right in Inverted Lotus Pose.  

George Watts

George Watts in Inverted Lotus Pose

I’m a full-time BWY yoga teacher and creator of the Yoga Retreat Kit.  

The Yoga Retreat Kit contains all the tips, tools and templates you need when planning and marketing for your own yoga retreat.  These resources will save you time, money and a whole lot of stress.  You’ll have at your fingertips a wonderful resource to build and grow a successful yoga retreat business.  

Have you thought about hosting a yoga retreat only to get part way into organising one before becoming stuck? Or do you have an idea for a yoga retreat but aren’t sure where to begin? Or have you been running yoga retreats for years and are looking for easier ways to organize and promote your retreats?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, you may want to read on.  The Yoga Retreat Kit just might be what you’ve been looking for.

Did you know that there isn’t one successful full-time yoga teacher who doesn’t run yoga retreats?

Ever wondered why.

It’s simple.

The reason every single successful full-time yoga teacher organises and hosts yoga retreats is because it is by far the easiest and quickest way to make money as a yoga teacher.

Eye Opening Profits Revealed: Discover why every successful full-time yoga teacher runs yoga retreats

Yoga retreat price: £395
Cost per student: £100
Profit per student: £295
Number of students: 30
Yoga Retreat Profits: £295 x 30 students = £8,850.00 

To make £8,850.00 profit teaching classes you’d need to run 126 classes. 

And that’s if you charged £7 per student and averaged 10 students a class, which is above average earnings per class for most yoga teachers. That means if you make £70 per yoga class, you would need to run 126 classes to make £8,850.00.

Let that number sink in…

Hopefully you now fully appreciate why every single successful full-time yoga teacher hosts yoga retreats.

If you’re not hosting yoga retreats and are wondering why you’re struggling to make ends meet, stop wondering. Start organising yoga retreats. If you don’t have the money to pay for my Yoga Retreat Kit, don’t let that stop you. Start hosting yoga retreats and learn from your mistakes.

If, however, you’d rather learn from my mistakes, and don’t have the time to create all the resources needed (flyers, marketing plan, schedules, booking forms, invitation packs) then get your yogic hands on the Yoga Retreat Kit.

The Yoga Retreat Kit Includes…

Yoga Retreat Action Planner: 16 Step Formula For Organising & Hosting A Successful Yoga Retreat


A typical yoga retreat takes approximately 60 hours to plan and execute!

And that’s not including the time spent during the retreat.

The “Yoga Retreat Action Planner” will save you 59 of those 60 hours. How will it save you so much time? Because you’ll be getting your yogic hands my proven 16 step formula for organising and hosting a successful yoga retreat.

The 16 Step Formula: For Organising & Hosting A Successful Yoga Retreat

  • Step 1:  Notepad
  • Step 2: Theme, Title, Total
  • Step 3: Date & Venue
  • Step 4: Prospects Map
  • Step 5: Prospects List
  • Step 6: Rough Schedule
  • Step 7: Write Invitation
  • Step 8: Send Invitation
  • Step 9: Follow Up
  • Step 10: Outstanding Marketing Actions
  • Step 11: 30 to 60 Days Before The Retreat
  • Step 12: 7 to 14 Days Before The Retreat
  • Step 13: 1 to 2 Days Before The Retreat
  • Step 14: Day Of The Retreat
  • Step 15: 2 to 3 Days After The Retreat
  • Step 16: 7 Days After The Retreat

And, If You Order Today You’ll Receive
The Following Bonuses Worth £295…

Bonus 1
1001 Yoga Retreat Venues List

yoga retreat venues

With the 1001 Yoga Retreat Venues List you don’t even need to spend countless hours searching for a suitable venue.  And believe me, anyone who’s planned a yoga retreat knows that selecting a suitable perfect venue is the most time consuming part of organising a retreat.

This list includes 1001 venues worldwide that are perfect for hosting your yoga day, weekend or retreat. That means you have enough locations to host a yoga retreat in a different venue every weekend for the rest of your life.

You’ll also discover how to approach the retreat venue to get the best possible discount.

Bonus 2
101 Yoga Retreat Themes

yoga retreat themes

If you’re worried about choosing the perfect yoga retreat niche, you’ll love this.

You’ll get 101 proven, time tested yoga retreat themes covering every niche you can think of it.  You’ll gain inspiration and courage knowing that these niche yoga retreats have proven to be successful. And you’ll be amazed at how many niches there are for you to tap into.

The best part is that most of the time you can simply piggyback onto another business.

Here’s a quick “piggyback” example…

If you like football, you may choose the Bend it like Beckham Yoga Retreat (for football players). All you’d need to do is contact football clubs to let them know about your ‘Bend it like Beckham Yoga Retreat’. Within no time you’ll come across a football club that thinks your retreat sounds perfect for their players. The football club will then supply the venue for free (their football club) and the paying students (their football players).

Bonus 3
101 Yoga Retreat Marketing Strategies

Yoga Marketing Plan

With 101 proven yoga retreat marketing strategies, you’ll be able to promote your retreat without spending a penny. I recommend you dedicate a few hours each week marketing your retreat or face the embarrassment of cancelling it. After speaking to dozens of yoga teachers who host retreats, I’d say that approximately 8 out of 10 yoga retreats need to be cancelled due to low student numbers.

Please don’t let that happen to you!

I’ve made it really easy for you. Simply use the 100+ proven yoga retreat marketing strategies.

When you invest in the Yoga Retreat Kit, you’ll be given 100+ of my secret yoga retreat marketing tactics in easy to follow step-by-step format.  All you need to do is choose which tactics that resonate with you and follow the steps.

It’s as easy as following a cake recipe. To bake a cake all you need are ingredients and heat.

To bake a successful yoga retreat all you need are ingredients (marketing strategies) and heat (taking action on the strategies). Without heat you’ll only have gloop (a cancelled retreat). So, have the courage to put the gloop in the oven (by taking action on some of the 100+ retreat marketing tactics).

If you take action on the retreat marketing tactics, I promise you’ll bake a successful yoga retreat that all your students will love the taste of…and want more. So, organise another retreat….and another…and another.  Once you get good at organising successful yoga retreats, the next step I recommend is to film your retreat and create several Yoga DVDs or a Yoga Udemy Course (passive income).

The Yoga Retreat Marketing Strategies Include:  

  • Ads In Yoga Publications
  • Ads In your Local Directory
  • Ads Online for free
  • Direct Mail
  • Dream Team
  • Email Follow Ups
  • Linkedin tactics
  • Posters
  • Press Release
  • Youtube Video Promos
  • Eye-catching Web Page
  • Writing Articles For Your Local Paper
  • Writing Articles For Your Local Directory

Here’s one of the 100+ yoga retreat marketing tactics for you…

It’s the email I send when planning a new yoga retreat. I send it to my yoga database (yoga students who have been to my yoga classes or previous retreats). It’s also great for sparking off their interest in your retreat.  You aren’t sending them an annoying sales email, you’re simply asking for their help.  I always get several people sign up from sending this “disguised sales email”.  Feel free to use and edit it for your next yoga retreat.

Hi Mrs Retreat Prospect,

I’m planning to run a yoga weekend for golfers.  I’ve brainstormed 10 potential titles for the retreat and would really appreciate it if you could let me know what your top 3 favourite ones are.

Here are the titles…

Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Ancient secrets of effortless golf revealed
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover a Foolproof way to better golf
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how yoga can get you in the zone
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how yoga can drop 7 shots from your score
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Transform your golf game
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Double Whammy! Transform your golf & improve your health
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Little known revolutionary secret that will improve your golf game
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Kiss bad golf and your bad back goodbye
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how to play golf in the zone
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how to play golf in the zone like Jack Nicklaus
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how to play golf in the zone like Tiger Woods
Yoga For Golfers Weekend Retreat: Discover how to play golf in the zone like Nick Faldo

Thanks for your time. Hope your golf game is going well!

[Your Name]

[Your Telephone Number]

[Your Web Address]

P.S. If you’re interested in coming to the weekend retreat, I’ll give you a 10% discount for helping me with the title.

Bonus 4
Yoga Retreat Brochure/Booking Form Template

Yoga Retreat Booking Form

This simple, clean brochure template is the one I use for all my yoga retreats. It has everything you need, including: 

  • Sign up form
  • Teacher bios
  • Eye catching yoga photos
  • Contact info

Bonus 5
Yoga Retreat Invitation Pack

Email Invitation Templates

The “Yoga Retreat Invitation Pack” is going to make you jump with joy because it’s absolutely guaranteed to fill up your yoga retreats. It’s by far the most powerful yoga retreat marketing tactic I use or have ever come across, and believe me I’ve tested well over 100 yoga retreat tactics over the years.

The Pack Includes… 

* Top 100 Prospects List

Using this one document will guarantee your retreat is sold out. But not only that!  It will also guarantee you have a waiting list for your next retreat.

* Lumpy Invitation Letter Template

What if you could send one invitation letter that leads to 10 people signing up for your retreat? That would be pretty amazing, right?  Almost impossible?  Well, that’s exactly what I did for one of my yoga retreats. And it’s really simple. All I did was send one ‘lumpy’ letter to one person I knew had over 100 perfect prospects for my retreat. I’ll show you how to send a ‘lumpy letter’ and where to find the perfect prospects.

* Email Invitation Templates

If you don’t want to go the effort of sending lumpy letters, you can use my top 4 tried and tested email yoga retreat invitations. Or use both strategies: send lumpy letters and email invitations.

* Invitation Ticket

I discovered the power of using an Invitation Ticket when I was sent one for an Anthony Robbins event years ago. I wasn’t planning on going, but because I’d received a ticket, my mind went: “Click, whirr, oh gosh I’ve received an attractive glossy ticket, I must go to the event“.

This, of course, all happened at the unconscious level.

I wasn’t aware of the tickets glossy effect on me until I had read a book called ‘persuasion’ that described how our brains go click, whirr automatically under certain conditions. The mind represents a glossy ticket as something of value. It will therefore be very hard, if not impossible, for the prospect to ignore or throw away your ticket…especially if it’s all glossy and shinny.

Bonus 6
Yoga Retreat Flyer Collection 

Yoga Retreat Flyer Pack

You’ll receive three tried and tested A4 Yoga Retreat Flyer Templates and one A6 Yoga Retreat Flyer Template. If you put a few of these flyers up in vegetarian cafes, gyms, hairdressers, local schools, and other local business you’ll be glad you did.

And here are some other templates and forms I’ve included for you:

  • Yoga Retreat Press Release Template
  • Yoga Retreat Schedule Templates
  • Yoga Retreat Website Template
  • Yoga Retreat Evaluation Form


Is The Kit compatible with Macs & Windows?


Can I call you and ask questions?

Yes. Please call me (George) on 02921 257770 or send an email to

Why's the Kit not available on CD any more?

I’m a wee bit of an eco nut, so to reduce my carbon footprint I now only sell the Kit in digital format.  It also makes it a better product for you as I’m able to update it on a regular basis, which I can’t do if it’s on a CD.  


“As a leader of healing retreats and yoga tours, I have tried quite a few marketing courses and products. This is the only kit I have found specifically for yoga retreats and it is full of original ideas and industry-specific advice.  I can’t wait to start implementing his plans and watching my business grow!

Sharee James

Yoga Teacher, hosts healing and yoga retreats in Nepal,

“I have just recently started to organize Yoga retreats in Mexico and found George’s website extremely helpful in order to organize the events and especially with ideas for marketing which I was at a bit of a loss with.  I will continue to use the techniques I have learnt from the website.  Thanks so much for your help.”

Jo Cope

Yoga Teacher, hosts yoga retreats in Mexico,

“I find George’s yoga kit extremely helpful and time saving. I can’t imagine how many hours I would have spent extra if I wouldn’t have had all the great templates, forms and examples on how to market a yoga retreat. I appreciate you sharing your expertise and knowledge with us George!”


Andrea Sulzbacher

Yoga Teacher, hosts yoga retreats in USA,

“Yes George, I’d Like To Save Time & Effort Organising My Yoga Retreats. So, I’m Going To Take You Up On Your Special Offer.”

Instant Access
Mac & Windows Compatible
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Includes All Bonuses

List Price: £97
Special Offer Price: £39
You Save: £58

“When you click the Add To Cart button, you’ll be given
the option to pay by paypaldebit or credit card.
Within seconds of making payment you’ll be emailed
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all the resources in the Yoga Retreat Kit.”

Your fellow yoga teacher,

george signature

George Watts

George Watts
Creator of the Yoga Retreat Kit
BWY Yoga Teacher
p. 02921 257770
a. The Firs, Hay Rd, Builth Wells, Powys, LD2 3BP, Wales, UK

P.S.  I love chatting with my fellow yoga teachers. So, if you have any questions, please call me.

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