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One of the best ways to spice up your classes is to imagine you’re a “yoga teacher poet”, and have the courage to paint vivid pictures with your words.

It makes the difference between teaching an average, run-of-the-mill exercise class or an inspired class that students will remember. Jesus was a poet.  And his poetry (parables) has attracted 2 billion followers. I’m not a Christian, but I have to admit that he must have been fascinating to listen to.


Because his parables are oozing with imagery (visually descriptive language). His words caught the imagination of his followers.

My challenge to you is to catch the imagination of your students by becoming a yoga teacher poet. Have the courage to entertain your students. Instead of teaching with bland, boring, unimaginative words…use imagery. Until now, you may not have known how to become a yoga teacher poet, but with this comprehensive list of 101 asana imagery phrases, you can open the hearts and minds of your students.

If you only learned one new yoga imagery phrase a month (e.g. see one below for tree pose), you’ll be astounded at the difference it will make to your students.

Root down to go high. The deeper the root, the taller the tree. Reach up to catch a star and bring it to your heart.”

30 second animated video
How to teach TREE POSE with a poet’s heart

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