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Free Downloadable Yoga Class Handout: Eustress

This is 1 of 250+ yoga class handouts included in the Yoga Teacher Lesson Plan Kit.   

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Reasons For Class Handouts

  1. Students love them!  It’s like receiving a gift.
  2. They are quick and easy to create.
  3. They take the pressure off you during a yoga class.
  4. You can teach an entire class from a handout.
  5. When creating a handout, you learn more about the subject matter.
  6. It gives you a structure to unleash your creativity.
  7. It allows your students to practice yoga at home.

Handout Content

Eustress = Good Stress

This week’s philosophy – What is GOOD stress?

Good stress gives you a feeling of fulfilment or other positive feelings.  It is a process of growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.   By changing your perception of stress (mindset), you can instantly change any stress you feel into GOOD stress.  Instead of viewing the stress as bad, you have the option of morphing it into a life challenge to embrace and tackle head on.

That doesn’t mean staying in an abusive relationship, or in any situation that is an energy drain.  It means you always, always, always have a choice on how to respond.

Eustress – Good Stress

Eustress consists of two parts.  The prefix derives from the Greek EU meaning either “good”. When attached to the word “stress”, it literally means “good stress”.

Stress is essential to feel stimulated, to keep away from boredom and depression and to achieve improved performance.   Take away stress and you become a vegetable.  Don’t come to yoga expecting to become stress free.   Come to yoga expecting to be eustressed mentally, emotionally and physically.

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