25 Yoga Imagery Phrases: Teach Yoga With A Poet’s Heart

Using imagery words to describe yoga postures will make your classes a lot more enjoyable and interesting for your students.  

Below are 25 imagery phrases for a yoga class.  Use them to engage and inspire your students. 

Balloon | Chair Pose
Image a large balloon under your bottom as you ascend from (e.g. chair pose).  Feel light.

Bones | Relaxation
Relax and let your bones find their own way home

CapeMountain Pose
Wear a heavy chain mail cape and let your shoulders surrender

Empty | Exhalation
Empty your mind into your exhalation

Fan Any hip opening pose (e.g. Pigeon Pose)
Imagine your pelvis becoming a fan that opens

Feet | Breathing
Imagine your feet growing bigger and bigger with each exhalation

Flower | Opening Feet and Toes
When you open your feet and toes feel as if they are a flower opening
Feel the individual vertebrae saying goodbye to each other

Lake | Relaxation
Imagine becoming the lake

Melting | Relaxation
Observe the tension melting like butter

Parachute | Breathing 
Think of your diaphragm as a parachute that deflates on inhalation

Picture | Breathing 
As you breathe out picture the air leaving your lungs

Pillars | Mountain Pose
Observe your legs becoming two heavy pillars

Puppy | Attention
Think of attention as if is a puppy that wants to run ahead of you

Puppy | Attention
Tell your puppy mind to sit and become aware of the moment

Roots Mountain (any standing poses)
Imagine your feet growing roots like a tree

Sand | Chair Pose
Imagine sand pouring out of the knees in the same plane as the toes (e.g.chair pose)

Sinking Chair Pose
Sit bones sinking to the earth

Sliding | Warrior III
Scapulas sliding down your back as you raise your arms

Smile | Breathing
As you breathe inpicture your lungs receiving the air with a smile

Snake | Spine
Think of spine moving like a snake, rippling up/down the spine

Soap | Kneecaps
Kneecaps sliding forwards like a bar of wet soap

Tornado | Breathing
Imagine the breath spiraling up your spine like a mini tornado

Thread | Mountain Pose
Imagine a golden thread pulling you up towards the ceiling

Train | Warrior Poses
Lift your arms like a train barrier at a crossing

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